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Macs are delighted to have recently completed a second residential bollards installation at a private apartment complex at the Botanics, Glasgow. The installation was finished after again working sucessfully alongside David Wilson Homes, and delivers a relaible and efficient solution for vehicle access control.

The residential bollards were installed to improve safety, efficiency and vehicle control for the road link into the private residential car park. The bollard system consists of one bollard station, incorporating 2 x PASS 127/800 automatic rising bollards – 127mm in diameter and 800mm height.

With ease of use in mind, an RFID control system reader allows and regulates authorised traffic access through the bollards from one direction, with a series of vehicle induction loops installed for added safety. This installation follows on from another identical installation nearby completed in the early part of 2017.

If you have any upcoming home improvement or construction projects that require additional perimeter security measures, take a look at our range of manual and automatic residential bollards, ideal for use on driveways and private parking spaces. To speak with us direct, call today on 0161 3206462, and we’d be happy to discuss the options available with you further.


Scope of Services

Products: 2 x MACs P127/800 Automatic Security Bollards

Location: The Botanics, Glasgow

Application: Car Park Access

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