Automatic Bollards

Take your pick of our automatic rising bollards – designed to shape and protect your world.

Security in mind

If you’re looking for a high-quality security bollard system, we can help. Our range of automatic rising bollards have been implemented across the UK by numerous local authorities, businesses, organisations and individuals to create:

  • Pedestrian-only zones
  • Traffic control areas
  • Bus gates
  • Commercial and residential projects.

Whether you’re designing a town or city centre traffic calming solution to TOPAS 2510A specifications, or you want to protect your car on a private driveway, we’ve got an automated bollard system for you.


Our range of automatic rising bollards

HVM Automatic Rising Bollards

Our range of IWA 14-1 and PAS 68 rated automatic bollards are designed to withstand a higher physical impact than our standard bollard systems, whilst still maintaining the same aesthetic to fit in with the local surroundings.

P Series Automatic Rising Bollards

Used across the UK in numerous urban regeneration and TOPAS 2510A, the P series of hydraulic automatic rising bollards are the result of over 20 years design and development.

Coral and Vigilo Automatic Rising Bollards

Offering both an aesthetically pleasing and physical presence, the Coral and Vigilo security bollards provide a simple and cost effective solution to preventing the unauthorised passage of vehicles. 

K4 automatic bollard

PLC Bollard Control

Our automatic bollards can also be integrated with the latest in our bespoke PLC based control panels, to allow monitoring of the the bollard from any location via secure connection. Along with offering complete control of the bollard systems, this function often means we can resolve many rising bollard queries without the need of an emergency call out, and if a callout out is required, reporting from the bollard ensures advanced notification of any problems, allowing engineers arrive on site fully prepared, and reducing the need for additional visits.

Our fully qualified engineers build each panel from the ground up, using the highest quality components to ensure reliability and performance. In addition, each Macs remote bollard monitoring system is programmed by our in-house PLC engineers to ensure that the system fully meets our customer’s requirements.

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