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Semi-automatic bollards are an excellent choice for controlling vehicle access and restricting entry in locations where power is unavailable.

Our range of telescopic security posts come in various height, diameters and finishes, offering an effective solution to stop unauthorised vehicle access and prevent unwanted parking. 

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Our Semi Automatic Bollards Range

MACS K12 271 900

HVM Semi-Automatic Bollards

P-SA Series Semi-Automatic Bollards

What is a semi-automatic bollard?

The lift assisted security posts provide an economical alternative, still offering reliable protection without the need for manual lifting. They’re perfect for applications such as driveways, courtyards or any other pedestrian areas that need to remain secure.

These semi-automatic bollard systems are built using high-end materials to ensure they stand up to heavy use while remaining stylish and unobtrusive. Additionally, they can be used on shop fronts, private driveways and commercial premises alike, providing an effective barrier against unauthorised vehicular access. Thanks to their easy installation process and their low maintenance requirements, semi-automatic bollard systems are becoming increasingly popular among facilities managers around the world who value reliability and convenience at affordable prices.

Why choose a semi-automatic bollard?

Semi-automatic bollards offer an effective and economical solution that can be used in areas where power is not available or problematic. They are low maintenance, require little effort to raise, and are designed to look aesthetically pleasing while providing the necessary security.

Not only are they functional and cost-effective, but they also come in a stylish stainless steel finish that is sure to blend into any environment. So, if you’re looking for an effective vehicle restriction solution and access control system, then our semi-automatic bollards are the perfect choice.

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