ISO IWA14-1 & BSI PAS 68 Rated Bollards

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Vehicle Security Barriers

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Bollards

Vehicle Security Barriers (VSBs) are products, such as bollards, that are designed to prevent vehicle access and assist with Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM), and are tested to a recognised standard by an accredited test house. There are numerous standards available for testing the impact performance of VSBs, including ISO IWA 14-1:2013 and BSI PAS 68:2013.

We supply a range of automatic, semi-automatic, removable and fixed bollards and security posts that are impact tested to meet IWA 14-1 and BSI PAS 68 specifications. Designed to assist with perimeter protection, VSBs that are tested to IWA 14-1 or PAS 68 must meet a range of vehicle impact criteria before being granted a performance rating 

Traffic Calming Bollards

P series automatic rising bollards

The P series of automatic bollards are one of our most popular bollard ranges, and are frequently used across the UK in projects such as pedestrian areas, traffic calming projects and bus gates, and installed to meet the requirements of TOPAS 2510A, a performance specification for the use of rising bollard control in areas such as public realm schemes. Our heavy duty, stainless steel security posts are ideal for positioning in busy areas, offering an adaptive, durable and reliable security solution.

PLC bollard control

Our PLC bollard controllers are designed and built in house, to offer enhanced functionality and complete control over your automatic bollard or barrier system. For more information on our range of automatic bollards and PLC control, speak to one of our team today.

Driveway security bollards

In addition to commercial and public bollards, we can also offer a wide range of driveway security bollards and driveway posts to help protect your home and prevent unauthorised parking. Our heavy duty, stainless steel bollards act as both a security measure and a deterrent. For driveway posts and security bollards you can rely on, call MACs Bollards today.

Fixed and Removable Bollards

We offer a variety of fixed bollard options, and work with experienced manufacturers to source products to best match your requirements, with options on various heights, diameters, and finishes available.

We also supply a range HVM fixed bollards, designed to meet IWA 14-1 PAS 68 specifications, for use in applications where greater physical protection is required.


Designed to provide utility services such as electricity, telephone, water, and compressed air, the retractable energy towers are well suited for use in applications such as market areas, seasonal events and concerts, as the allow for them to lower fully into the ground when not in use.

Each unit can be customised with a combination of services, to suit individual requirements.

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