Barrier Systems

Whether for private, commercial or industrial use, our range of automatic barrier systems offer protection and peace of mind.

Security in mind

Designed with security in mind, our range of automatic vehicle barrier systems are commonly used for projects such as car parks and industrial premises. Acting as both a physical and visual barrier, our automatic vehicle barriers are available with a range of custom control options, including audio and video intercoms, proximity card readers, keypads and automatic number-plate recognition systems. Plus, vehicle barriers don’t just present an excellent solution to modern-day challenges, they’re also a cost-effective one too.

We aim to offer one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry, to help ensure your barrier system is delivered on time and within budget. And our trained and qualified engineers and are available to carry out servicing, repairs and on-going after-care. 

Our range of automatic vehicle barrier systems

Macs Automatic Vertical Barrier

Automatic Vertical Security Barrier

Motorized vertical security barrier, available in varying lengths from 3 meters to 7 meters, with modules of 50 cm.

Recommended for use in a variety of applications, particularly where a high level of security is required, the barriers are designed and built to meet the standards of ASTM F2656-07. The integrated hydraulic operator ensures a high level of performance and reliability.

Macs Automatic Parking Barrier

Automatic Parking Barrier

Parking Barrier with 24V Energy Saving Technology

The automatic parking barrier is a sleek, easy to install, energy saving barrier solution, suitable for use on car parks and commercial applications. 

Macs Industrial Security Barrier

BG94 Industrial Barrier

The BG94 industrial barrier is an electro-mechanical security barrier, with an 80% duty cycle.

The barrier frame comes in electro-galvanised tubular steel, the outer panels are pre-painted aluminium in 12/10 thickness, and the top cover comes in black plastic, with built-in LED, or metallic cover. The barrier boom arm is anodized aluminium, with red reflective bands for visibility. The industrial barrier has a toothed belt transmission, and steel screw with bushing self-lubricating, material and anti-friction.

6000B 4M Automatic Barrier

The 6000B barrier operates via an integral frequency inverter driven motor and gearbox drive, which only requires a single phase supply, providing a smooth consistent operation. The power input to the barrier is 230v controlling a three phase motor, which offers reliability and high torque. With this control panel and gearbox design, there is no requirement for any springs or counterweights to assist in the operation of the barriers

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