Removable HVM Bollards

Our removable HVM bollards are ideal for low-traffic areas requiring high security

Removable Antiterrorism Bollards

HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation) bollards represent an essential asset for any area necessitating heightened security. These robust fixtures are specifically designed to safeguard spaces from vehicular threats, whether intentional attacks or high-speed accidents. Their key purpose is to prevent unauthorized vehicle access while withstanding substantial impacts, making them a superior choice for protecting people, properties, and valuable assets.

Our removable series of HVM bollards combine this high level of security with unparalleled flexibility. These bollards can be manually adjusted – raised, lowered, or completely removed – as the security situation dictates. This manual control provides a practical solution for spaces that need to alternate between being accessible and secure.

Our Range of Removable HVM Bollards

Our 275 series of HVM removable bollards represents the pinnacle of high security bollard technology. These models offer unmatched protection and versatility, suitable for areas requiring the highest level of security. Each model is removable for flexible access control, and their rigorous certifications, including PAS68 and IWA14, reflect their proven reliability.

275/K4RM: This model serves as a reliable entry point into our top-tier range. It provides a robust physical barrier that effectively secures your premises from vehicular threats. The 275/K4RM is easily removable, offering a balance of security and accessibility perfect for spaces needing occasional access.

275/K12RM: Stepping up from the K4RM, the 275/K12RM provides even greater protection. This model is engineered to withstand higher levels of impact, ensuring your property stays secure even in the face of more substantial threats. Like the K4RM, the K12RM is fully removable, allowing you to adjust access as required.

275/K12RM SF (Semi-Fixed): The 275/K12RM SF stands as the highest level of protection within our range. This semi-fixed model is designed to offer breakout resistance of up to two million joules, making it an exceptional solution for high-risk areas. Despite its outstanding strength, this model remains removable, ensuring you retain control over access to your property.

Our range of removable HVM bollards

275/K4RM-700, 900, & 1200

Our removable 275/K4RM range of bollards are designed to provide exceptional protection in low-traffic areas. Being manually removable, and with shallow but sturdy foundations, they are designed with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind—without compromising on protection.


PAS68:2013 V/7500(N3)/48/90: – 0.67
IWA 14-1:2013 V/7200(N3C)/48/90: 0.95
ASTM F2656/F2656M-18A C730 P1

275/K12RM-900 & 1200

Our removable 275/K12RM range of bollards are heavy-duty, and are able to withstand far more force than the 275/K4RM range. The cylinder weight of the 1200 model is 243kg, and combined with the 184kg basement weight, can provide breakout resistance of up to two-million Joules of energy.

275/K12RM-900SF &1200SF

Our removable 275/K12RM-SF range of bollards have been designed and built for installations with shallow mounted requirements or in presence of underground utilities. The “SF” (shallow foundation) acronym identifies the slimmest laying depth of the entire range. Despite their shallow foundations, they still provide exceptional impact resistance and breakout resistance.

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275/M50RM 1200

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275/K4SF 900RM

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