Rising Bollard System – Hampton Court Palace

Macs Automated Bollards Systems Ltd are delighted to have recently completed work on the supply and installation of two 275/800 automatic bollards, located at Hampton Court Palace for Historic Royal Palaces in Richmond upon Thames.

The rising bollards have been implemented as a way for Historic Royal Palaces to implement a system to control vehicle access to traffic using this road link, and to help improve safety and efficiency for the residents and pedestrians.   Due to the heavy footfall around the palace grounds, the MACs PASS 275/800 rising bollards were identified as the most appropriate for use on this application, with their performance and reliability, and common use in town and city centres across the UK, being key factors.

The application consists of one bollard station, incorporating two hydraulically operated automatic rising bollards, each being 275mm in diameter and with a raising height of 800mm. A bespoke PLC control panel and heavy duty remote transceiver control system have been implemented, to allow and regulate traffic access and exit. The system also makes use of a number of vehicle induction loops, for added system safety, and flashing LED indicators for increased visibility. With such a close proximity to the river Thames, the system makes use of stainless steel watertight foundations to prevent any ingress of groundwater, and utilises an additional pump to drain any rain or surface water entering the foundation box.

The historical importance of the palace was an important additional factor to be considered when installing the system, and with this in mind the bollards were supplied with a custom RAL painted finish to match the existing colour scheme, in accordance with curator’s requirements.


Scope of Services

Products: MACs PASS 275/800 Automatic Bollards – Custom RAL Finish

Location: Hampton Court Palace, London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

Application: Access Control, Traffic Restriction

Standard: N/A

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