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Security bollards are a crucial component of perimeter protection, designed to safeguard property and people from vehicular collisions. Anti-ram bollards, built to hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) specifications, offer the highest level of impact resistance.

To ensure their adherence to British standards, every HVM bollard should have a PAS 68 rating. This provides detailed information on its performance in a rigorous crash test.

In this guide, we will discuss the importance of PAS rated bollards and what they are used for. We will also explore the various types of PAS bollards and how to choose the right product for your needs.

What Are PAS 68 Rated Bollards?

PAS 68, published by the British Standards Institution, is a widely recognised industry standard for vehicle security barriers. It provides guidelines for assessing the ability of a bollard or barrier to effectively protect against vehicular attacks.

To obtain a BSI PAS 68 rating, bollard security products must undergo a carefully conducted crash test. This test evaluates its capacity to stop a vehicle travelling at speed and prevent it from penetrating beyond a certain point.

The bollard is then awarded a crash test rating, which should be included in the data sheet provided by the manufacturer. This rating details various statistics such as the mass and speed of the vehicle and the angle of impact.

Why Are PAS Ratings Important for Security Bollards?

The main purpose of the PAS 68 rating is to provide assurance that a security bollard is capable of withstanding high-impact collisions. The main uses of PAS 68 rated bollards include:

  • Controlling the flow of traffic in restricted areas
  • Preventing crime such as security breaches, vehicle theft, vandalism and terrorism
  • Protecting pedestrians from intentional vehicular attacks and accidental collisions
  • Mitigating damage to buildings and structures

Choosing a PAS 68 bollard provides peace of mind and ensures that your security solution provides the best physical protection possible. PAS bollards also act as a visual deterrent, helping to discourage criminals from targeting the location.

Where Are PAS 68 Rated Bollards Used?

PAS 68 rated bollards are a common sight in various residential, commercial and public spaces. They are typically used in locations requiring a high level of security, or where there is an increased risk of vehicular attack. For example:

  • Government buildings
  • Military sites
  • Airports and railway stations
  • City centres and pedestrian zones
  • Stadiums and event venues
  • Corporate buildings and offices
  • Hospitals and schools

PAS rated bollard security barriers should always be selected, used and installed in line with PAS 69 guidelines. Talk to a reputable bollard supplier, such as MACs Bollards, for expert advice and personalised recommendations.

What Types of PAS Rated Bollards Are There?

All PAS 68 rated bollards share the common trait of having been rigorously tested and certified for hostile vehicle mitigation purposes. However, they come in a variety of designs and mechanisms to cater to different bollards security needs, access requirements and aesthetic preferences.

Fixed Bollards

Fixed HVM bollards are permanent, immovable security bollards that provide a constant barrier against unauthorised vehicle access. These bollards are often used in areas where vehicle access is never needed, such as pedestrian zones, or to protect critical infrastructure.

Semi-Automatic Bollards

Semi-automatic HVM bollards, also known as lift-assisted bollards, can be manually raised or lowered to control vehicle access as needed. They offer a balance between security and flexibility, allowing authorised vehicles to pass through when necessary. Semi-automatic retractable security bollards are ideal for areas where vehicle access is occasionally required.

Automatic Bollards

Automatic HVM bollards can be raised or lowered using a fob, keypad or other remote access control system. These bollards offer the highest level of convenience and flexibility, making them an excellent choice for areas requiring frequent authorised vehicle access. PAS 68 rated electric security bollards provide reliable protection while seamlessly integrating with existing security systems.

Why Choose MACs Bollards?

If you are looking for reliable, high-quality residential or commercial security bollards, MACs Bollards can help. With many years of experience in security bollards and access control, we pride ourselves on our technical expertise and excellent customer service.

We supply a wide range of HVM bollards crash-rated to PAS 68 standards, including fixed, semi-automatic and electric security bollards. We also offer a competitive bollard maintenance and repair service to keep your security system running smoothly.

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