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PAS 68 is the latest Publicly Available Specification for vehicle security products such as barriers and security bollards. PAS 68 bollards are designed and created to assist in the prevention of terrorism and crime. Bollards, barriers and other blockers that are PAS 68 rated will be crash-tested to a very high standard. As such, PAS 68 has become the UK standard for the testing and use of HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation) products to prevent vehicle born attacks.

Let’s take a look at what this means in some more depth.

What Is PAS 68 Specification?

PAS stands for Publicly Available Specification. PAS are fast-tracked standards, specifications, codes of practice or guidelines developed to meet an immediate market need.

PAS 68 originated in 2005. Since then it has become the de facto test standard for HVM. In fact, PAS 68 isn’t just one of the primary crash test specifications around the globe; since its inception, it has also helped influence all the impact test standards that have followed.

PAS 68 is only one of many such industry-wide standards prepared following guidelines set out by the British Standards Institution (BSI). PAS 68: 2013 is the latest PAS 68 standard. It specifies a classification system for the performance of vehicle security solutions subjected to a single horizontal impact.

The PAS 68 rating a product receives is dependent on several factors, including vehicle speed and weight. For example, MACs 275/900-K4 automatic bollards are certified to IWA 14-1:2013 V/7200(N3)/48/90:1.0 AND PAS68:2013 V/7500(N3)/48/90:1.0/2.5. This makes them a suitable option for use in hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) projects, where the need for crash rated rising security bollards occurs.

What Does a PAS Rating Mean?

To make sense of a PAS 68 rating, lets consider the following classification:

PAS68:2013 V/7500(N3)/48/90:1.0/2.5.

Breaking it down, this stands for

  • PAS68:2013. The relevant PAS 68 standard
  • V (vehicle). This confirms that the product has been tested using a vehicle
  • 7500. This means that the product was tested with a 7,500kg vehicle
  • N3. This is the vehicle category. You can find out more about the latest EU vehicle categories here.
  • 48. This is the test speed. In this case, the bollard was crash-tested at 48kph
  • 90. This is the impact angle. In this case, the bollard was crash-tested at 90°
  • 1.0. This is the impact penetration (in meters) achieved during the test. The acceptable level of penetration will depend on where the perimeter line is in relation to the asset being protected
  • 2.5. This lets you know the furthest point that debris weighing over 25kg travelled during the test

The security experts at MACS will help make sure you select a PAS 68 rated product suited to your requirements.

Are All PAS Ratings The Same?

The PAS 68 rating covers a vast array of products that vary depending on the level of security needed. For example, different crash rated range of products can withstand vehicle impact speeds of 30mph, 40mph and 50mph from a 7.5-tonne vehicle.

As a result of over 20-years in the design and manufacture of high-security systems, our range of PAS 68 (including PAS 68 removable bollards) and IWA-14 crash rated bollards meet the latest HVM standards. So, they are made to withstand impact speeds of between 30-50mph from 7.5-tonne vehicles.

How Does a Bollard Become PAS 68 Certified?

To achieve the PAS 68 standard, a product must be tested against a range of criteria including impact methods, speed, weight, tolerances, vehicle types and performance. PAS 68: 2013 identifies the various tests which need to be met for a product to conform and be granted classification.

Where Are PAS 68 Bollards And Barriers Used?

PAS 68 bollards are commonly used to protect high profile sites and secure locations, such as stadiums and arenas, airports, town centres, public spaces, embassies, government premises, nuclear facilities and pedestrian-only zones.

Why Are PAS 68 Bollards Needed?

The use of crash rated bollards and barriers as a means of perimeter protection is on the increase in the UK. Not least because terrorism continues to present a substantial threat.

With a disturbing rise in terrorist attacks using vehicles, products that can help to keep people and places secure are essential. So, it is no wonder that there has been increased demand for HVM products.

Tested to the highest of specifications, the PAS 68 standard addresses the needs of those who want the assurance that perimeter barriers and bollards will provide the level of impact resistance required to mitigate such threats.

The Benefits of PAS 68 Crash-Certified Bollards

PAS 68 bollards can physically stop hostile drivers who are intent on causing damage. This is vital when you consider that, as well as the destruction that could be caused by a crashing vehicle, the devastation could be much worse if that car/van/truck was laden with explosives. HVM bollards can also protect against attacks by acting as a visible deterrent.

  1. Enhanced Security: PAS 68 bollards are rigorously tested and designed to withstand high-impact collisions, making them an ideal choice for safeguarding various sites.
  2. Terrorism Prevention: Given the increasing trend of vehicle-based terror attacks, these bollards act as a frontline defence, physically stopping hostile vehicles.
  3. Deterrence: Beyond their physical stopping power, PAS 68 bollards act as a visual deterrent, potentially discouraging malicious intentions from the outset.
  4. Versatility of Application: These bollards are ideal for a range of locations, from aerodromes and town centres to government premises and pedestrian-only zones.
  5. Assured Quality: With the PAS 68 standard being recognised and endorsed by the British Standards Institution (BSI), there is an assurance of quality and performance.
  6. Customisation: Different levels of PAS 68 bollards can withstand various impact speeds, allowing establishments to choose according to their specific needs.
  7. Cost-effective: While delivering high levels of security, these bollards are also cost-effective, offering a reliable security solution without compromising on budget.
  8. Aesthetic Integration: Modern PAS 68 bollards, such as those from MACs, are designed to seamlessly blend into their surroundings, ensuring security without sacrificing aesthetics.
  9. Increased Public Safety: For public spaces, these bollards significantly enhance safety levels, ensuring that crowds are protected from potential vehicle threats.
  10. Peace of Mind: For institutions and individuals alike, knowing that an area is safeguarded by PAS 68 bollards provides peace of mind regarding security.

Investing in PAS 68 bollards not only safeguards infrastructure and property but, more importantly, can save countless lives. As threats evolve, it’s crucial for security measures to be one step ahead, and these bollards are a testament to that commitment to safety.

Other Crash-Test Bollard Standards

As well as PAS 68, IWA 14 bollards are also widely recognised by security specialists. IWA (International Workshop Agreement) was designed as ‘the world’s impact test standard’. While there are some differences between the two standards, like PAS 68, an IWA 14 rating means that a security bollard has been tested against a range of criteria (including by physically crashing a vehicle into the bollard).

Choose MACs for PAS Rated Bollards

At MACS, we know that the safety of the public is paramount to everything you do. Installing PAS 68 security bollards can give you the peace of mind that you have taken a critical step towards mitigating a hostile vehicle attack.

When you work with MACs, our expert advisors will thoroughly discuss and assess your specific needs and offer support and advice on the right products for you. For example, if you want to create a safe but aesthetically pleasing public space, our RAL colour matched bollards blend seamlessly into their surrounding environment. Alternatively, for high-target locations, we can help you to design a visible, physical deterrent to any would-be attacker.

When it comes to security, MACs Automated Bollard Systems understands how important protecting your world is – so let’s protect it together. For a free quote on our PAS 68 bollards, or to ask us a question, call our service team on 0161 320 6462 or email us by completing our contact form.

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