275/P10 600A

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The 275/P10 600A bollard is part of the MACs P series, designed for a wide range of applications, including traffic management and unauthorised vehicle access prevention. This bollard is particularly noted for its enhanced security features, making it suitable for areas with an increased risk of impact from larger vehicles or those traveling at higher speeds.Key features of the 275/P10 600A include:Height and Diameter: It stands 600mm tall with a diameter of 273mm, constructed from FE370 steel with a thickness of 10mm, providing greater breakout resistance.Finish Options: Available in RAL painted or brushed steel, allowing for aesthetic integration into various environments.Safety and Visibility: Optional LED strip around the bollard head, audio sounder, and reflective strip enhance visibility and safety for users.The 275/P10 600A bollard is designed for durability and reliability, with a hydraulic mechanism ensuring smooth and efficient movement. It’s ideal for private residential driveway security, car park access, and public realm schemes, offering a seamless integration into the surrounding area while providing robust security and traffic control solutions.


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