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Security bollards are crucial for safeguarding your property, vehicles and pedestrians around the clock. However, even the sturdiest bollards require regular upkeep to ensure optimal performance. 

The team at Macs Bollards are security specialists who understand the critical role maintenance plays in maximising the lifespan and effectiveness of your bollards. This quick guide provides essential tips to keep your bollards in top condition, guaranteeing they continue to offer unwavering security for years to come.

Importance of Bollard Maintenance 

Like any important investment, taking proactive steps to maintain your bollards extends their lifespan and ensures they function optimally. Don’t wait for problems to appear before inspecting and addressing potential issues. Be attentive to the following:

  • Visible damage – Look for dents, cracks or bends caused by impacts.
  • Instability – Check if the bollards are loose or leaning, indicating potential foundation problems.
  • Accessory issues – If your bollards have lights or reflectors, ensure they work properly.
  • Weather wear – Inspect for rust, corrosion or cracks that might compromise the bollards’ strength.
  • Cosmetic concerns – Address excessive dirt, scratches or fading to maintain a professional appearance.

These routine care actions ensure your bollards uphold their security and visual impact. Also, by addressing minor issues now instead of leaving them to worsen over time, you avoid more costly repairs in the future.

General Inspection and Maintenance Guidelines

Inspect your bollards at least twice a year for optimal security and performance. Be thorough, examining all sides and paying close attention to potential trouble spots.

Plus, make sure to maintain written inspection logs. Record any issues you discover, along with the date, location, severity and actions taken to address each identified problem. Tracking trends over time allows you to anticipate future needs and prioritise repairs or replacements.

Cleaning and Touch-Ups

Keep your bollards looking sharp and prevent grime buildup by washing them with a mild detergent and a soft brush. Avoid harsh acidic or abrasive cleaners, as they can damage the bollard’s finish.

Here are extra tips depending on your bollards’ finish:

  • Powder-coated – Use a pressure washer on a low setting to remove stubborn stains. If scratches expose the metal beneath, consider letting a professional re-coat the bollard to prevent rust and maintain a uniform appearance.
  • Painted – Regularly touch up paint chips to prevent further corrosion and maintain a polished look. 
  • Galvanised – Bollards may require re-galvanising over time to restore their protective zinc coating.
  • Stainless steel – You can buff out minor scuffs on stainless steel bollards using dedicated stainless steel cleaning pads. However, for deeper dents or scratches, seeking professional repair ensures a smooth, seamless finish and protects the underlying metal.

Structural Integrity and Stability

Inspect all sides closely for cracks, dents or bends that might indicate damage from impacts or other causes. This damage could compromise the bollard’s ability to withstand force and protect your property. Additionally, examine the foundations to ensure they’re intact and haven’t shifted or eroded. 

Use a level to confirm your bollards are perfectly vertical. Even slight leaning can indicate foundation issues or loosened bolts. Tighten any loose bolts or screws promptly, and if necessary, seek professional assistance to re-secure wobbly or leaning posts. 

Swiftly addressing instability minimises the risk of tripping hazards and ensures your bollards function effectively.

Accessories like Lights and Reflectors

Our bollards are equipped with LED lights, which offer several advantages over traditional bulbs. LED lights are highly energy-efficient, long-lasting, and require minimal maintenance. However, it’s still important to regularly check for any malfunctioning LED modules and replace them promptly to ensure optimal performance.

Maintaining proper illumination is crucial for ensuring clear visibility, especially at night, and significantly enhances safety and security. In addition, inspect your bollards’ reflectors regularly, ensuring they’re intact, clean and free of damage. This guarantees they reflect light effectively, further improving visibility and contributing to overall safety measures.

Maintenance Guidelines for Different Bollard Types

While applying general inspection and maintenance guidelines is essential, different bollard types can require maintenance attention specific to them.

Automated Bollards

  • Access control check – Arrange for a qualified professional to regularly inspect integrated card readers or code panels for proper functionality.
  • Fluid and lubrication – Schedule checkups for hydraulic fluids and seals, lubricating pistons and bearings as recommended.
  • Electrical maintenance – Inspect wiring connections and above-ground cabinets, promptly repairing any frayed cables. Update controller software as new security patches or features become available.
  • Backup power – Ensure backup battery systems function correctly to maintain operation during power outages.

Removable Bollards

  • Locking and sockets – Regularly inspect padlocks ensuring they are kept lubricated and oiled.

Fixed Bollards

  • Weld integrity – Regularly inspect weld points for cracks that could compromise the bollards’ structural integrity under impact.
  • Prevent internal rust – Address rainwater accumulation within the bollard to prevent it rusting from the inside.
  • Foundation check – Ensure concrete foundations haven’t cracked, become unstable or shifted over time, promptly addressing any concerns.
  • Touch-ups – Regularly touch up protective paint or galvanising when damaged to prevent corrosion and maintain a professional appearance.

Effortless Bollard Maintenance With Macs Bollards 

Bollards are a crucial investment in the security and safety of your property. By implementing these maintenance guidelines and addressing issues promptly, you can maximise their lifespan and effectiveness, ensuring they continue to fulfil their protective role year after year.

For professional bollard inspection, maintenance and repair services, contact the specialists at Macs Bollards at 0161 320 6463 or Our scheduled servicing contracts deliver regular care.

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