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While vehicle security technology has advanced significantly in recent years, car theft remains a persistent issue. Thieves are constantly adapting their tactics to bypass the latest security measures, making it crucial for car owners to stay informed and take proactive steps to protect their valuable assets. 

While there’s no foolproof way to prevent theft entirely, there are methods you can use to reduce the risk significantly. Below, we explore common car theft tactics employed by thieves and provide practical theft prevention tips to help protect your vehicle.

Keyless Entry Exploitation

Today, many cars feature keyless entry systems, meaning you can unlock your car with a radio signal from a key fob or by simply touching the door handle. While keyless systems are convenient, thieves have found ways to exploit them:

  • Relay theft – Thieves use two devices to amplify and relay the key fob signal, tricking the car into thinking the key is nearby. This allows them to unlock and start the vehicle without needing the physical key.
  • Signal jamming – Thieves may use signal blockers to prevent key fobs from communicating with the car, stopping the owner from locking or unlocking the vehicle.

Preventing Keyless Vehicle Theft

Never leave your keys or key fobs in the car or easily accessible areas. Store them in a secure location, away from doors and windows. Even consider getting a Faraday pouch to prevent relay theft attempts. Finally, ensure the keyless system’s software is up to date to address any potential security vulnerabilities.

Garage Break-Ins

Unfortunately, garages are a frequent target for thieves who are looking for vehicles or valuables. This vulnerability comes from two factors: 

  1. Attached garages provide easy access to a home’s interior
  2. Insecure garage doors can be breached 

A successful break-in could lead to a stolen vehicle or thieves gaining access to keys and fobs left inside, jeopardising the entire home’s security.

Preventing Garage Break-Ins

If your business has a garage or vehicle storage area, ensure it’s well-lit, secure and equipped with robust locks. Consider installing CCTV cameras or motion sensors for added security. 

Steering Wheel Locks and Immobilisers

While steering wheel locks and immobilisers were once effective deterrents, some thieves have found ways to bypass these security measures, including:

  • Picking the steering wheel lock
  • Cutting the steering wheel lock or removing the entire steering wheel
  • Overriding immobilisers
  • Finding car keys or fobs first to switch off immobilisers

Use a Steering Wheel Lock Anyway 

While not foolproof, a visible steering wheel lock can act as a visual deterrent, making it more difficult for thieves to steal your car. 

Car Theft Prevention Tips

To prevent car theft and protect your vehicle, consider implementing these additional proactive tips:

Use Physical Barriers 

Install security bollards, barrier systems, fences or gates around your driveway or parking area to prevent unauthorised vehicle access. Automatic bollards are convenient and can be raised or lowered at the push of a button for flexible vehicle access. 

Alternatively, fixed bollards are made to resist impact if you’re looking for a permanent fixture. 

Install a Tracking Device 

Fitting your vehicle with a GPS tracker can increase the chances of recovery if it’s stolen. Many modern tracking systems offer real-time location updates and additional security features.

Park in Well-Lit Areas 

Thieves often target vehicles parked in secluded or poorly lit areas. Park your car in well-lit, high-traffic areas whenever possible.

Be Vigilant 

Always lock your car and close all windows when leaving it unattended, even for a short period. Be aware of your surroundings and report any suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities.

Prevention is always better than cure. By implementing these measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of vehicle theft and protect your valuable business assets.

How Macs Bollards Can Enhance Your Business Vehicle Security

Car theft remains a significant concern for vehicle owners, with thieves constantly adapting their tactics to circumvent security measures. By staying informed about common theft methods and implementing a multi-layered approach to prevention, you can significantly reduce the risk of being a victim of car theft. 

Remember, the cost of implementing effective security solutions is often far less than the potential losses and inconveniences associated with having your vehicle stolen. 

To help you, Macs Bollards offers a wide range of high-quality security bollards specifically designed to deter unauthorised vehicle access. Contact our friendly team today for a free consultation on how Macs Bollards can bolster your business vehicle security.

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