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Infrastructure improvements in the UK are critical economically and socially, as they improve the quality of life for the people who live here. Innovation is also a key factor for such developments, and advances in technology play a significant role in making cities safer and more inspiring.

Macs offer a variety of practical and innovative retractable energy towers and service units that provide a safe and effective power source for urban and outdoor areas. When not in use, the units can be lowered into the ground, reducing their impact on the surrounding environment.

Paving the Way for a More Reliable and Robust UK Environment

Local area councils are redeveloping town centres to entice shoppers to return to the high street and support local, independent retailers and traders. Market days, food festivals, fundraisers, and other events are held to engage communities and encourage shoppers to visit.

Following the Covid pandemic and UK lockdown, the number and value of construction contracts and output levels have increased and are expected to rise this year. Infrastructure development and expansion plans are ongoing. Civil engineers, architects, and contractors collaborate to create more efficient buildings, transportation systems, industrial structures, and urban spaces to meet society’s growing demands.

Making Christmas Markets a Roaring Success

As the UK appetite for Christmas markets continues to grow and become an important part of annual festivities, there has never been a better time to invest in the necessary power and service infrastructure to support these events.

According to The Local Government Association’s report, Christmas markets help local economies by attracting jobs, activities, and visitors when traditionally the economy is less active. It’s estimated that the number of Christmas markets in the United Kingdom has increased nationally from 30 to more than 150 in the last ten years alone.

Our retractable units optimise safety by concealing the power source, eliminating the possibility of accidental contact. Cables connecting the units are typically short and can be located near the power units, and these are covered with cable protectors.

Merging Pop Up Power Units Into Existing Outdoor Spaces

In recent times, there has been a switch toward refurbishment projects rather than new construction. Modern lifestyles, work patterns, and recreational activities have rendered some buildings and areas redundant. As a result, the demand for energy to power such regenerated outdoor spaces is on the increase.

Refurbishment is necessary due to the limited amount of available land and space, which is an issue in the UK due to its small landmass. The quality of existing buildings and outdoor areas is often structurally sound and well constructed, resulting in a shorter development period. This lowers construction costs and expands the number of projects that can be completed.

When refurbishing outdoor areas or infrastructure developments, the amenities available must meet the needs of the adjacent buildings and facilities – for instance, energy and gas sources, water services, and telecommunications.

Our range of power units provides an outdoor source of electricity, water, and communication points. This means that for refurbished infrastructure projects, such as redeveloping shopping centres, they provide a secure outdoor power supply that is not a public hazard.

Innovative Power Solutions for Outdoor Market Events

Traditional market days are common in towns and cities across the United Kingdom. Buyers and sellers interact, creating a vibrant outdoor retail environment with a strong community spirit. Councils encourage such market days for economic and social benefits, but traders must adhere to strict guidelines and health and safety rules.

Outdoor market events require a high level of public safety. Pedestrian access should be as clear as possible, with no tripping hazards, and shoppers should feel safe and at ease in public areas.

We offer a selection of retractable service units that provide a dependable and effective power supply for outdoor spaces during market days and events. The innovative power units supply electricity, water and communication points to assist markets and stalls.

On market days, vendors and traders simply raise the pop-up power unit to access various power outlets. When the market event is complete, the power units are lowered into the ground, blending seamlessly into the surrounding environment.

Council planners and market organisers prefer power units to traditional generators due to the retractable nature and increased safety at market events.

The simplicity of our pop-up plug sockets means these units are a favourite with local councils, architects, contractors, electrical engineers, developers and urban designers.

Macs Energy Distribution Towers are recessed, multi-utility semi-automatic rising power supply points. The retractable power units are designed to meet your specific needs, and they are available in various configurations, including Water/Electricity/Telephone/Compressed Air.

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