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As a bustling hub of constantly flowing pedestrian and vehicle traffic, keeping a supermarket site secure poses unique challenges. With hundreds visiting daily to stock up on groceries, safeguarding shoppers should be priority number one.

Recent tragic events have highlighted the vulnerabilities crowds face from vehicle threats. Now more than ever, supermarkets require robust protective measures to keep patrons safe.

Here at MACs Bollards, we can provide a complete range of bollard solutions for supermarkets of all kinds. Whether you’re looking to protect a large-scale supermarket, or a retail space with multiple supermarkets, our experienced team is here to help. 

The Benefits of Bollards for Supermarkets

Ringing your supermarket with security bollards along sidewalks, fences, parking zones establishes a defined boundary to prevent uncontrolled vehicle access. Whether it’s cars dangerously mounting the curb from adjoining roads, or intruders driving unchecked onto your property, bollards act as formidable barriers to keep threats out.

By establishing a robust perimeter, you restrict access to only designated vehicle entrances which can be monitored. This is key to maintaining full control over what enters your site. Patrolling the edges with bollards conveys an active presence of security around your entire supermarket.

In addition to perimeter protection, bollards provide barriers around other vulnerable areas:

  • Shield trolley bays so shoppers can collect carts safely away from traffic
  • Flank store entrances to protect queuing patrons from approaching vehicles
  • Manage driveway access points to only allow authorised deliveries
  • Guide internal parking lot traffic and define spaces to separate cars from pedestrians

The many pedestrian zones inherent with supermarkets present risks bollards can effectively mitigate.

HVM Bollards – Tested Against Extreme Threats

To maximise security against extreme threats, MACs Bollards provides rigorously tested Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) bollard models. Engineered to withstand high-speed, heavy vehicle impacts, HVM bollards include:

  • 275/K4-900A – Perimeter defence bollard rated for PAS 68, IWA 14, and ASTM F2656-18a. Withstands crashing trucks and forced vehicle ramming.
  • 275/M30-1200A – Designed for advanced protection of large sites like supermarkets. Certified against PAS 68, IWA 14, and ASTM F2656 standards. Stops a 7.5 tonne truck attacking at 50 mph.
  • 275/K12-900A – Robust bollard rated for PAS 68, IWA 14, and ASTM F2656. Provides maximum hostile vehicle mitigation.

These and our other certified HVM bollard models provide the level of protection supermarkets need against extreme threats involving weaponized vehicles.

Strategic Bollard Placement for Optimal Supermarket Security

Carefully planning bollard placement is crucial for complete coverage across your expansive supermarket site. We recommend first installing along external sidewalks, outer fences, and parking lot perimeters. This establishes a robust boundary against perimeter threats.

Next, position bollards to shield key areas like storefronts, queue lines, and trolley bays to protect patrons. Allow flexible deliveries by flanking authorised vehicle gates with bollards.

Inside, effectively guide traffic, define parking stalls, create trolley aisles, and divide vehicle zones from pedestrian walkways. The goal is keeping all people on site shielded from internal traffic.

When positioned strategically, bollards can provide comprehensive protection across the many access points a busy supermarket faces both internally and along its perimeter.

Integrate Bollards into Your Supermarket Security

For optimal results, your bollard barriers should operate alongside other existing security measures. Coordinate placement with surveillance cameras, traffic controllers, and on-site security personnel.

Make bollards highly visible through signage, reflectors, and illumination to convey active defence. Maintain clear access protocols for expected delivery trucks, suppliers, and emergency services.

Through training, staff can learn to incorporate bollard operation into emergency plans and incident response workflows. When combined seamlessly with both physical and operational security, bollards become an indispensable component enhancing protection.

Ongoing Bollard Management & Maintenance

Installing bollards is just step one – properly maintaining them over time is equally important. Schedule regular inspections to check the physical condition and functionality of each bollard. Address any damage from weather, wear and tear, or impacts promptly.

Prepare for winter by clearing snow buildup so bollards remain obstruction-free. Ensure retractable bollards are elevating and lowering properly. Replace damaged bollards swiftly to maintain optimal coverage.

As risks evolve or business operations change, reassess your bollard placement and expand coverage to new areas if needed. With consistent management, your bollards provide lasting security year after year.

Partner With MACs Bollards for Your Supermarket Security

For expert guidance on designing a tailored bollard security solution for your supermarket, trust the specialists at MACs Bollards. Contact us at 0161 320 6462 or use our online form to get started. Keep your shoppers safe and secure your site with high certified HVM bollards from MACs.


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