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MACs Bollards has been providing bollards for sporting grounds for over 25 years. We understand that not all sporting grounds are equal, and we have developed a wide range of products to cater to the needs of each different type. Whether it’s a football ground, rugby pitch, or a tennis court, MACs Bollards has the perfect bollard solution for you.

We also prioritise safety at our sporting grounds and ensure that all our products meet and exceed current standards set for safety in outdoor sporting areas. With the recent introduction of Martyn’s Law, which is set to come into effect soon, MACs Bollards is committed to helping all sports organisations meet their requirements with top-notch security bollard solutions.

Why Use Bollards to Protect Busy Sporting Grounds? 

Bollards are a great choice for protecting busy sporting grounds because they are effective at providing physical barriers while still allowing people to access the necessary areas. Bollards are designed to be both sturdy and flexible, providing a safe barrier that can prevent unauthorised access while still allowing pedestrians and vehicles to pass when needed.

Using bollards as a physical barrier to protect a sporting ground provides numerous benefits. Bollards can serve as an effective visual deterrent, sending a message to potential criminals or intruders that there is security in place. This can act as an additional layer of protection, helping to discourage any unwanted visitors from entering the premises. In addition, bollards can also help reduce damage to the surrounding area caused by collisions with vehicles or pedestrians.

At MACs Bollards we have the perfect solution for any sporting ground – whether it’s a football pitch, tennis court or rugby field – our products cater for each type of ground’s specific needs. We take safety seriously and our products meet or exceed all safety standards set for outdoor sports venues. With Martyn’s Law coming into effect soon, our security bollard solutions will help all sports organisations comply with the new regulations.

The Different Types of Sporting Grounds Bollards Can Protect

Different types of sports grounds can benefit from the installation of bollards, depending on the level of security required. For instance, football fields require more security than tennis courts due to their larger size and higher spectator numbers. To ensure maximum protection, our fully-welded steel bollards are a great choice as they offer superior durability and strength. We also have removable bollards that provide a layer of security when needed, but can be removed when not in use. These are ideal for sports stadiums or other venues that need to accommodate large crowds on occasion.

For tennis courts or other small, enclosed sports grounds, plastic bollards are a great option as they don’t corrode or dent like metal ones do. They’re also lightweight and can be easily installed without tools or lifting equipment. We also have reflective tape which can help create clear pathways around these smaller spaces, making them safer and easier to navigate for visitors.

Sporting Ground Bollard Design Options

Sporting ground bollards can be supplied in colours, shapes and finishes complementing existing architecture and branding. Options can match team colours, incorporate logos, or coordinate with surrounding structures. This enables unobtrusive integration, avoiding unsightly obstructions.

Rigorously Tested Bollards Withstand Extreme Threats

To protect against extreme risks, MACs Bollards supplies rigorously tested HVM bollard models proven to withstand high-speed, heavy vehicle impacts. Our bollard portfolio includes:

  • 275/K4-900A: Certified for PAS 68, IWA 14, and ASTM F2656-18a standards. Withstands crashing truck and forced entry attacks.
  • 275/M50-1600A: Designed and tested to stop a 7.5 tonne truck striking at speeds up to 50 mph. Exceeds hostile vehicle impact ratings.
  • 275/K12-900A: Provides maximum impact resistance. Complies with hostile vehicle deterrence standards like PAS 68 and ASTM F2656.

These formidable barriers offer multi-layered protection suitable for modern sporting grounds and stadiums.

Strategic Placement For Comprehensive Protection

Ensuring comprehensive security coverage across your vast sporting grounds necessitates strategic bollard placement. We strongly advise initial installation along outer perimeters, queue lines, and parking zones to establish resilient boundaries. Additionally, incorporating retractable bollards at key gates facilitates seamless staff/player access.

Internally, it is crucial to safeguard attendees by implementing barriers along roads and walkways to effectively segregate traffic from spectators. By thoughtfully positioning bollards, you can achieve substantial protection both externally and internally. Rest assured, our expertise will help keep your attendees secure.

Integrate Bollards into Your Wider Grounds Security

To achieve optimal results, it is crucial that your new bollard system seamlessly integrates with existing security measures such as CCTV, access control, and personnel. Carefully coordinate the placement of the bollards to align with cameras, traffic patterns, and staff movements.

Ensure clear signage and effective lighting are implemented for enhanced visibility. Maintain flexible access protocols for essential vehicles, and incorporate bollard operation into emergency plans. By implementing these integrated protocols, your bollards will greatly enhance the overall protection of sporting grounds.

The Importance of Proper Maintenance for Sporting Ground Bollards

Ensuring both quality installation and ongoing maintenance is imperative for long-term optimization. We strongly advise conducting regular examinations to assess the physical integrity and performance of each bollard. Promptly address any damages resulting from weather conditions, wear and tear, or accidents.

When preparing for the winter season, it is recommended to clear any snow buildup that could obstruct the proper function of the bollards. It is essential to verify that retractable models are raising and lowering correctly. In case of any damaged bollards, immediate replacement is necessary to maintain adequate coverage.

As risks evolve or layouts change, it is crucial to reassess the placement of bollards and adjust coverage accordingly. With proper management, bollards can operate optimally for many years.

Trust the Sporting Ground Bollard Experts at MACs

For a top-notch integrated bollard security solution for your sporting grounds, trust the expertise of MACs Bollards. Contact us at 0161 320 6462 or utilise our online form to connect with our knowledgeable consultants. We will assess your property, suggest suitable products and placement, and provide tailored protection with utmost professionalism and confidence.

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