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Today, driveway bollards are increasingly used on private land. A means of providing additional security, security posts can be used in front of the garage and positioned at the entrance to a driveway. Furthermore, by offering a visual and physical presence, while still allowing pedestrian access, bollards don’t just help to prevent theft, they can also deter rogue parking.

But, what do you need to consider when investing in driveway bollards, or any kind of security bollard for that matter? In this brief guide, the experts at MACs go through the various options and considerations.

Why Have Driveway Bollards Installed?

Most homeowners who are considering having driveway bollards fitted, do so because they do not feel that their property or car is secure. In such circumstances, a driveway bollard may be the answer they are looking for.

However, driveway bollards can also be used in combination with other protection measures to bolster home security. For example, where additional safety is wanted, vehicle induction loops, warning signs and indicator lights can also be added to augment your driveway bollard system. Indeed, telescopic security bollards often include LED lights for increased visibility to pedestrian and vehicles when in operation.

Common driveway security measures include:

  1. Bollards to prevent access and the theft of cars from garages or drives
  2. An electric or keypad gate
  3. Sensor driven driveway lighting
  4. CCTV

A practical and helpful solution, of these options, bollards are often the most cost-effective.

What Types of Driveway Bollard Are There?

There are various types of bollards suitable for domestic applications. For example:

  1. Telescopic bollards are ideal for protecting private property. A telescopic security bollard is a retractable post that locks into position when needed. It is also designed to slide into the ground when not in use, allowing vehicles to pass over
  2. Fold-down bollards are easy to install without the need for expert help. When in use, they simply lock into place in the upright position
  3. Removable security parking posts are good value for money and can be quickly removed and stored somewhere nearby (e.g. in your garage or car boot) when not in use. Typically, when these posts are not in use, a hinged lid covers the ground spigot so that the bollard is safe for pedestrians and vehicles to cross.

Automatic driveway bollards are also an option. They are an excellent choice when access is required throughout the day. For example, in a residential development where multiple homeowners/ tenants share a car park. Automatic driveway bollards also come with a range of access options such as key fob operation, access intercoms, and proximity cards.

There are a multitude of choices to suit your needs. So, it’s no wonder that fully automatic driveway bollards are one of our most popular residential products.

What to Consider When Installing Driveway Bollards

With a range of styles and custom design options available, it’s essential to ensure you invest in a residential driveway bollard that meets your personal needs and tastes.

For example, do you just require a visual deterrent to ward off would-be opportunists? If so, a simple fold-down bollard may be the most cost-effective solution.

On the other hand, if you require a more substantial presence, then manual retractable driveway bollards – which are often larger in diameter and height – may be the answer. Simple to use, by lifting and locking into position, and lowering back into the ground when access is required, manual retractable driveway bollards are a cost-effective and unobtrusive option to increase driveway security.

If you need a more accessible option which requires no lifting or manual effort, then a semi-automatic or lift-assisted telescopic driveway bollard could be more suited to your needs. With an inbuilt gas actuator for easier lifting, and no cabling or electrical connections required, these driveway bollards ensure total ease of operation.

Driveway Bollard Aesthetics

Regardless of the functionality of bollard you go for, we know that the way your home looks is also a key consideration. Because, while security is important, the last thing you want is for your bollards to negatively impact on the appearance and feel of a residential property.

The good news is that the vast majority of our driveway bollards come in a choice of styles. Some offer varying heights and diameters, and often they are available in either a painted or a stainless-steel finish. So, when you buy from MACs, aesthetics doesn’t have to be compromised while solving your home security concerns.

Related FAQs

Can I install a fold-down bollard myself?

Yes, fold-down bollards are designed for easy installation without the need for expert intervention. They simply lock into place in an upright position when in use.

What makes removable security parking posts a viable option?

They offer flexibility and can be completely removed and stored when not in use. Moreover, they are cost-effective and ensure safety when pedestrians and vehicles cross over the ground spigot.

Which bollard type is best for a shared residential parking space?

Fully automatic driveway bollards are ideal for shared spaces like residential developments, as they allow for frequent and easy access.

What factors should I consider before choosing a driveway bollard type?

Determine the primary purpose, be it a simple visual deterrent or a more robust physical barrier. Also, consider ease of operation, aesthetics, and your budget.

Can driveway bollards complement the look of my property?

Absolutely! Many bollards come in various styles, heights, and finishes, including painted and stainless steel, ensuring they fit seamlessly with your property’s aesthetics.

Need Residential Bollards? Choose MACs

If you think parking bollards for your driveway could be the right solution for you, we can talk you through the options and help you to add an extra layer of security to your home.

Keeping you safe and protected, with a range of styles and custom designs available, we have a driveway security bollard to suit your personal needs and tastes.

Feeling safe at home shouldn’t cost the Earth – which is why our range of residential security bollards are also designed with your budget in mind. For a free quote, or to ask us a question about our driveway bollards, call our service team on 0161 320 6462 or email us by completing our contact form.

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