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Office, bustling with daily employee and visitor entries, prioritises the need for effective access control and robust perimeter security. Alongside accommodating public plazas and parking areas, finding subtle bollard solutions that strike the perfect balance between open access and safeguarding becomes crucial.

This is where MACs Bollards excels. With our unwavering commitment to safety, we offer rigorously tested HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation) bollard systems specifically engineered to thwart potential threats from vehicles weighing up to 7.5 tonnes. Drawing upon our extensive experience spanning decades, equipping offices across the globe has endowed us with unparalleled insight into their unique access and security requirements.

Why Choose Bollards to Protect Your Office Building?

Perimeter Access Control With Bollards

Installing bollards along office boundaries, fences, and adjoining roads serves as crucial access control against unauthorised vehicle entry. This effectively protects the premises while maintaining a discreet security measure, avoiding overt barricades.

Employees and visitors can access designated checkpoints and doors with ease, while bollards subtly showcase a strong security presence, ensuring open accessibility while prioritising safety.

Queue Line Barriers For Employee Safety

Strategically placed bollards play a vital role as queue line barriers outside main building entrances and checkpoints during periods of high foot traffic. These inconspicuous barriers ensure organised access, instilling confidence and peace of mind in waiting employees.

Securing Loading Docks and Service Areas

Strically positioned bollards provide robust security for loading bays, maintenance zones, and restricted areas, effectively deterring unauthorised access. With the inclusion of retractable bollards, approved deliveries and contractors can conveniently gain access when needed. Our reliable and professional solution guarantees the highest level of security and convenience.

Separating Vehicles and Pedestrians

Bollards serve as efficient separators for parking zones, delivery areas, and roadways, effectively segregating them from heavily trafficked pedestrian plazas, concourses, and walkways. By doing so, they ensure the safety of employees while facilitating access for authorised vehicles to specific areas as needed.

Thoughtful placement of bollards also plays a crucial role in directing traffic, defining designated areas for rideshare pick-ups, and safeguarding building access points. This strategic approach mitigates potential risks and reinforces crowd security.

Rigorously Tested Bollards Withstand Extreme Threats

MACs Bollards offers a comprehensive range of rigorously tested HVM bollard models designed explicitly to counter vehicle threats. These models have demonstrated exceptional durability, withstanding high-speed impacts of up to 7.5 tonnes. 

Our formidable barriers provide robust protection while maintaining a subtle aesthetic that seamlessly integrates into corporate settings. Choose MACs Bollards for professional solutions that inspire confidence in your security measures.

Strategic Placement For Comprehensive Protection

Thoughtful placement of bollards ensures comprehensive security coverage in office premises. Our recommendation is to initially install them along outer perimeters, queue lines, and parking areas. 

Additionally, incorporating retractable bollards around loading bays and maintenance areas is advised. Within the office, it is important to employ barriers that separate traffic from pedestrians, especially along roads, courtyards, and plazas. 

By strategically implementing bollards, we guarantee enhanced protection throughout both exterior and interior office zones.

Integrate Bollards into Your Wider Security

To achieve optimal results, it is recommended that new bollard systems seamlessly integrate with existing security measures, such as CCTV, access control, and personnel. It is important to coordinate the placement of bollards in order to align them with cameras, traffic patterns, and access protocols. Additionally, clear signage and proper lighting should be employed to ensure visibility. It is crucial to maintain vehicle access protocols and incorporate bollard operation into emergency plans.

Proper Maintenance Is Vital

While quality installation is undoubtedly crucial, ongoing maintenance plays a vital role in achieving long-term optimization. It is highly recommended to regularly inspect bollards for any signs of damage and promptly address them to ensure seamless functionality. Additionally, pay close attention to retractable models to ensure they are operating as intended. In the event of damaged bollards, replacement should be carried out promptly to effectively maintain security coverage.

Furthermore, it is essential to periodically reevaluate the placement of bollards as risks evolve or layouts change. This proactive approach allows for adjustments in coverage to be made as necessary, ensuring that corporate campuses and offices remain secure in the face of any potential threats or vulnerabilities. By diligently managing bollards, the overall security of the premises can be effectively maintained and enhanced.

Trust the Experts at MACs Bollards

For comprehensive integrated bollard security solutions for your office, trust MACs Bollards. Reach out to us at 0161 320 6462 or utilise our convenient online form to connect with our team. 

We possess the expertise to evaluate your specific requirements, provide expert product recommendations and placement, and deliver tailored protection that meets your needs.

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