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Live music events attract large crowds and high-profile performers, making music venues prime targets for security threats. Recent vehicle ramming attacks globally demonstrate the need for comprehensive protection measures. With the upcoming implementation of Martyn’s Law in the UK, music venues will be legally required to assess and mitigate potential risks. Installing bollards is an important part of an effective security strategy.

Bollards allow venue operators to control access points, protect pedestrians, and stop unauthorised vehicles. With adjustable and removable options, bollards can be deployed flexibly while enhancing overall venue safety. MACs Bollards provides certified Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) bollards designed to withstand high-speed impacts. This article covers the key benefits of bollards for securing music venues and concert halls.

What are the Benefits of Bollards for Music Venues?

Perimeter Security

Bollards placed along sidewalks, near doors and gates prevent unauthorised vehicle access. This establishes a secure perimeter, keeping vehicles away from the venue and people waiting in queues. Bollards also stop unlawful parking in fire lanes, service areas, and other restricted zones.

Crowd Control

Strategically positioned bollards allow better crowd management outside the venue. They funnel attendees towards designated entrances and exits. Removable bollards can quickly adjust pedestrian flows based on real-time conditions. This orderly movement enhances safety.

Aesthetic Appeal

Bollards are available in different colours, shapes and finishes. Venues can select options complementing existing architecture and landscaping. Thoughtful placement avoids obstructing views or disrupting ambiance.

Flexible Access

Certain bollard types like removable and automatic rising allow access for authorised vehicles. This facilitates delivery trucks, emergency services, and venue operations while maintaining security.

HVM Bollard Options for Venues

MACs Bollards offers a range of HVM bollards tested to high impact standards such as PAS 68, IWA 14-1, and ASTM F2656 ratings. These bollards provide certified resistance against hostile vehicle threats.


  • Designed for high-level anti-terrorist perimeter defence
  • Certified for PAS 68, IWA 14, and ASTM F2656-18a
  • Withstands high-speed strikes from heavy vehicles


  • Produced and tested for advanced perimeter defence
  • Certified for PAS 68, IWA 14, and ASTM F2656/F2656M-20
  • Stops 7.5 tonne vehicles travelling 50 mph


  • Created for robust high-level perimeter security
  • Meets PAS 68, IWA 14, and ASTM F2656/F2656M-20 standards
  • Provides formidable hostile vehicle mitigation

These and other HVM models ensure music venues have bollards designed to counter determined attacks involving vehicle weapons.

Where to Position Bollards for Martyn’s Law Compliance:

Carefully planning bollard placement is crucial for achieving maximum security coverage across a music venue’s perimeter and key access points. It is recommended to prioritise installation along sidewalks, fences, parking zones, and other areas that establish a robust secure boundary along the venue’s outer edges and surrounds.

Main Entrance & Box Offices

Equally important is flanking the main entrances and box office queues with bollards to add protection barriers that shield waiting patrons who may be vulnerable to vehicle attacks in crowded conditions. Securing rear service access roads and discreet backstage doorways prevents unauthorised vehicle access to these more private areas.

Exit Gates & Congregation Zones

Bollards placed strategically to shield exit gates and locations where dense crowds congregate after events ensures attendees remain protected even as they disperse from the venue. Dedicating bollard pathways to appropriately channel both vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow allows orderly movement while maintaining security across all routes.

When spaced effectively, bollards can provide wide and comprehensive coverage across the numerous vulnerable access points a typical music venue may face.

ntegrating HVM Bollards into Wider Security Solutions

The installation of bollards is one important component within a music venue’s wider security strategy. Bollards operate most effectively when integrated and coordinated fluidly with other security protocols and personnel. This includes orchestrating bollard operation alongside surveillance systems, bag checks, access controls, and security staffing.

Making bollards highly visible through colour, signage and lighting deters potential hostile reconnaissance and conveys a strong presence of active security. While securing the perimeter, accommodations must be preserved to allow flexible authorised access as needed for staff, vendors, and emergency services.

Venues should test and train for emergency bollard removal or repositioning procedures to redirect traffic quickly as incidents warrant. Staff training should cover efficient coordination of the bollard barriers within existing incident response plans to account for their capabilities in an emergency.

When seamlessly combined with other physical and operational security measures, thoughtfully placed bollards are a robust component of an integrated solution tailored to each venue’s needs.

Managing & Maintaining Your Bollards Over Time

Once installed, active management and maintenance is essential for keeping bollards fully functional over time. Venues should schedule regular checks on each bollard’s physical integrity and operating performance. Any damage sustained from weather, wear and tear, or security incidents should be assessed and addressed promptly.

Winter weather preparation includes clearing snow buildup around bollards to avoid frozen obstructions. Retractable bollards in particular need confirmation they are elevating and lowering properly at all times. Swift repairs or replacement of damaged bollards ensures optimal coverage is maintained.

As risks evolve or operations change, reevaluating the bollard coverage and considering strategically placed expansions maintains optimal protection over the long-term. With proper management, bollards provide robust and lasting security for music venues.

For Music Venue Bollards & Security, Call MACs Bollards’ Experienced Team Today

Installing bollards certified for high-speed, heavy vehicle impacts provides an important layer of protection. Here at MACs Bollards, we can provide a complete range of bollard security solutions to suit your needs. Our experienced team have worked with a wide range of properties and businesses to ensure comprehensive security solutions, and keep music lovers, staff and buildings safe. 

For a customised bollard security solution for your music venue or concert hall, contact the experts at MACs Bollards at 0161 320 6462, or fill in our simple online contact form today. 


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