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Museums and art galleries contain priceless artefacts and draw daily visitors, making security a top priority. The incoming Martyn’s Law means it’s more important than ever to have adequate protection for museums, galleries and any public space. 

MACs Bollards offers an extensive range of HVM bollard systems, meticulously tested and engineered to withstand high-speed vehicle impacts. With our decades of experience serving esteemed UK institutions, we possess an in-depth understanding of the specific requirements for access control, traffic management, and threat protection in museums and galleries today.

Why Use Bollards to Protect Museums & Galleries?

Perimeter Defence Bollards Control Access

Installing bollards along external sidewalks, fences and adjoining roads establishes clear vehicle access barriers controlling site entry. This prevents unauthorised vehicular ingress from nearby streets or properties.

Maintaining a robust perimeter allows institutions to funnel all visitors through designated controlled entrances. Bollards convey an imposing defensive presence deterring potential threats.

Queue Line Barriers Enhance Visitor Safety

In addition to perimeter control, strategically positioned bollards serve as essential queue line barriers outside primary entrances and ticket windows. These protective barriers instil waiting patrons with a heightened sense of peace and assurance, particularly in densely populated situations.

Securing Loading Docks and Service Areas

Correctly positioned bollards serve as a reliable solution to safeguard loading docks, maintenance zones, and other back-of-house service areas. By restricting access, unauthorised vehicle entry to these critical locations is effectively prevented. However, when necessary, the deployable nature of retractable bollards facilitates the entry of delivery and refuse lorries.

Separating Pedestrians and Vehicles

Bollards are strategically positioned to create physical divisions between parking areas, roadways, and loading zones from highly frequented pedestrian concourses and exhibition spaces. This ensures the safety of attendees while still permitting authorised vehicles to circulate.

Precisely located bollards serve the purpose of directing traffic flow, delineating parking spaces, and establishing clear boundaries between vehicles and visitor queues and walkways. These measures effectively prevent potentially hazardous interactions and safeguard patrons.

Bollard Designs for Museums and Galleries

Our institution bollards are available in neutral colours and low-profile shapes that seamlessly blend with the surrounding architecture and landscaping. With strategic placement, we ensure unobstructed sightlines and a harmonious ambiance. Our aim is to achieve understated integration that perfectly suits the environment.

Rigorously Tested Bollards Withstand Extreme Threats

To defend against vehicle threats, MACs Bollards supplies rigorously tested HVM bollard models proven to withstand high-speed, heavy impacts. Our bollard portfolio includes:

  • 275/K4-900A: Certified for PAS 68, IWA 14, and ASTM F2656-18a standards. Withstands crashing truck and forced entry attacks.
  • 275/M50-1600A: Designed and tested to stop a 7.5 tonne truck striking at speeds up to 50 mph. Exceeds hostile vehicle impact ratings.
  • 275/K12-900A: Provides maximum impact resistance. Complies with hostile vehicle deterrence standards like PAS 68 and ASTM F2656.

These formidable barriers provide multi-layered protection suitable for museums and galleries.

Strategic Placement For Museum & Gallery Protection

Careful bollard placement is vital for full security coverage across your expansive museum or gallery footprint. We recommend first installing along outer perimeters, queue lines, and parking areas to establish robust boundaries.

Then incorporate removable bollards at loading docks and maintenance areas. Inside, safely separate traffic from pedestrians with barriers flanking roads and walkways.

When thoughtfully positioned, bollards deliver extensive protection throughout exterior and interior areas to keep patrons and assets secure.

Integrate Bollards into Your Existing Security

For optimal results, your new bollard system should operate seamlessly with current security like CCTV, access control, and personnel. Coordinate placement to align with cameras, traffic patterns and staff movements.

Use clear signage and lighting for visibility. Maintain flexible access protocols for essential vehicles. Incorporate bollard operation into emergency plans.

With integrated protocols, your bollards smoothly enhance protection across all facets.

The Importance of Bollards for Museums & Galleries

While quality installation is important, ongoing maintenance is equally vital for long-term optimization. We recommend regular checks on each bollard’s physical integrity and performance. Rapidly fix any damage from weather, wear and tear, or accidents.

Prepare for winter by clearing snow buildup that could impede function. Ensure retractable models raise and lower properly. Replace damaged bollards immediately to maintain coverage.

Trust the Museum Bollard Experts at MACs

For a comprehensive bollard security solution tailored to your museum or gallery, trust the expertise of MACs Bollards. Reach out to our consultants at 0161 320 6462 or utilise our online form to connect with us. Our team will conduct a thorough property survey, provide expert recommendations on products and placement, and deliver customised protection solutions. Rest assured, your security is in capable hands.

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