How Can Bollards Reduce the Risk of Potential Terror Attacks?

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In an age of heightened security threats, public spaces face the challenge of balancing accessibility with vigilance. As vehicle ramming has unfortunately emerged as a method of terror attacks worldwide, environments from pedestrian streets to stadiums are considering new ways to reduce this risk while maintaining civic freedoms. 

This is where thoughtfully implemented security bollard solutions can make a real difference. 

Bollards as a First Line of Defence 

As the most outward-facing physical security barrier, properly designed and tested bollards act as an influential first line of defence against vehicle-enabled threats. They can prevent unapproved vehicular access and halt unauthorised or hostile vehicles attempting to approach at speed. You can optimise this protective capacity by opting for the highest vehicle impact rating suitable for the site. 

Bollards introduce a proven passive delay and deterrence by physically blocking vehicle passage and absorbing vehicle momentum in the event of impact. This buys precious time for active security measures and emergency responders to intervene.

Balancing Protection with Accessibility

When incorporating bollards at public venues, they should provide robust vehicle access restrictions while remaining sensitive to individual liberties and freedom of movement. 

For example, temporary or retractable bollard systems restrict vehicle access during periods of heightened risk, such as high-attendance events or festivals. Yet under normal circumstances, they can remain unobtrusively retracted below ground to maintain an open and welcoming environment.

Well-chosen bollard placement focuses access control at strategic points rather than encircling entire neighbourhoods or civic sites. This demonstrates a careful, considered approach to guarding public safety while preserving open access.

Choosing the Right Bollards  

To effectively deter vehicular threats, bollards must fulfil critical criteria like:

Vehicle Impact Rating

Bollards must feature sufficient impact resistance classification to halt a heavy goods vehicle travelling at speed. For high-threat areas, you should seek the maximum available rating.

Tested and Certified

The bollard model must be verified independently, ensuring it successfully passes crash testing to prove its rated impact resistance. Bollards without testing certificates may fail unexpectedly.

Visible Design 

The physical presence of the bollards must create a strong visual deterrent. Bollard barriers make it abundantly clear that unapproved vehicle access will be denied. 

Difficult to Circumvent

Installation spacing and layout should prevent vehicles from manoeuvring around the bollards. Supplementary barriers like fences can help to close potential gaps.

With the appropriate bollard models selected after careful threat analysis and specification, they send the clear message that vehicular attacks will meet formidable resistance. This helps remove opportunities and incentives for any malicious plots.

Augmenting Wider Security Infrastructure

Bollards at key control points provide a barrier against unapproved access, while their strength shields pedestrians and facilities from vehicle-based risks.

However, bollards are not a standalone solution but function most effectively as a part of an integrated security architecture. This means working in unison with:

  • Perimeter fencing
  • Access control points   
  • Traffic calming measures
  • CCTV surveillance 
  • Vehicle scanning     
  • Security patrols
  • Alarm monitoring

With each layer of security mutually reinforcing the others, it becomes harder for hostile vehicles or attackers to slip through undetected. 

Trusted Bollard Security from Macs

Macs Bollards has collaborated closely with local stakeholders, event sites, businesses and government bodies to integrate bollards into balanced protection strategies. Our bollard security solutions are founded on meticulous threat analysis and risk management principles.

Our expert team combines in-depth technical engineering excellence with sensitive appreciation of individual liberties and social harmony. To explore how Macs Bollards can help integrate practical bollard vehicle barriers into your next public safety initiative, contact us at 0161 320 6463 or for responsive advice tailored to your needs.

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