How Do Crash-Tested Bollards Help Prevent Terrorism?

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With terrorism continuing to present a substantial threat in the UK, keeping people and places secure is critical. But there has been a disturbing rise in terrorist attacks using vehicles.

For example, in June 2017, three assailants drove a van at high speed into crowds on the London Bridge before exiting the vehicle to stab pedestrians at the nearby Borough Market. And, in July 2016 a man drove a truck into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day at Nice. This horrific attack killed 86 people and wounded more than 430 others.

“Terrorists are increasingly relying on low-sophistication tactics like car-ramming and stabbing to kill or injure large groups of people without easy detection or intervention by law enforcement. These assailants often target locations where large numbers of people congregate, particularly on or around major national holidays, when civilians are likely to be outdoors shopping or celebrating.”


— Counter Extremist Project[1]

Today, the likelihood of an aggressive criminal attack on high-security buildings and vulnerable spaces has become a real and pressing concern across the UK. As such, those responsible for our public spaces must do what they can to prevent the use of vehicles as weapons of terror. The good news is that the installation of physical counter-terror measures – such as crash-tested bollards – can help to keep spaces, buildings and people safe from vehicle incursion or attack.

Indeed, City of York Council is currently said to be considering a sliding bollard system to strike the right balance between security and accessibility.

PAS 68, IWA 14, And Anti-Terrorism

A hostile driver intent on causing damage needs to be physically stopped. Because, as well as the destruction that could be caused by a crashing vehicle, the devastation could be made even worse if that car/van was laden with explosives.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) bollards can protect against such an attack by acting as a deterrent and a physical barrier. Furthermore, because the safety of the public is paramount to everything you do, installing security bollards can also give you the peace of mind that you have taken a critical step towards mitigating a hostile vehicle attack.

The use of security bollards and barriers as a means of perimeter protection is on the increase in the UK. But not all bollards are created equal. To safeguard the public, property, and private land from extreme threats, you need crash-tested PAS 68 and IWA 14 bollards.

What is a PAS 68 bollard?

BSI PAS (Publicly Available Specification) 68 is the recognised industry standard for HVM barrier and bollard security products in the UK.

To comply with PAS 68, a product has to be tested against a range of criteria including impact methods, speed, weight, tolerances, vehicle types and performance. The PAS 68 rating covers a vast array of products that vary depending on the level of security needed.

PAS 68 bollards are commonly used to protect high profile sites and secure locations, such as stadiums and arenas, airports, town centres, embassies, government premises, nuclear facilities and pedestrian-only zones.

What is an IWA 14 bollard?

IWA (International Workshop Agreement) was designed as ‘the world’s impact test standard’. While there are some differences between the two standards, like PAS 68, an IWA 14 rating means that a security bollard has been tested against a range of criteria (including by physically crashing a vehicle into the bollard).

Choose PAS. Choose IWA. Choose MACs

As a result of over 20-years in the design and manufacture of high-security systems, our range of PAS 68 (including PAS 68 removable bollards) and IWA-14 crash rated bollards meet the latest HVM standards. So, they are made to withstand impact speeds of between 30-50mph from 7.5-tonne vehicles.

Every bollard is tested rigorously before leaving our warehouse to ensure optimal operation. And, as we’re one of the UK’s leading crash-tested bollard systems suppliers, we never rest on our laurels. Instead, we’re working tirelessly on creating new and innovative products to complement our range further.

Furthermore, when you work with MACs, our expert advisors will thoroughly discuss and assess your specific needs and offer support and advice on the right security bollard products for you. For example, if you want to create a safe but aesthetically pleasing public space, our RAL colour matched bollards blend seamlessly into their surrounding environment. Alternatively, for high-target locations, we can help you to design a visible, physical deterrent to any would-be attacker.

When it comes to security, MACs Automated Bollard Systems understands how important protecting your world is – so let’s protect it together. For a free quote on our crash-tested bollards, or to ask us a question, call our service team on 0161 320 6462 or email us by completing our contact form.


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