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As security threats continue to evolve, businesses and organisations are increasingly looking to perimeter protection measures that can effectively deter hostile vehicle intrusions. This is where Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) systems come into play.

HVM systems like automatic bollards provide a formidable barrier against unauthorised vehicle access. But what exactly are the benefits of implementing HVM bollards? We cover how advanced HVM security barriers can enhance safety and convenience for workplaces: 

1. Withstanding Vehicle Impacts

The best security strategy uses multiple layers of protection tailored to potential threats. HVM bollards act as the final physical barrier at a site’s perimeter. Adding HVM systems bolsters existing security like cameras, access control, and guards. This allows sites to stop hostile vehicles attempting to ram through restricted zones.

Even if other security measures fail, HVM bollards can assist with perimeter protection against vehicle attacks, which is crucial for high-risk sites like government and corporate facilities.

2. Withstanding High-Energy Impacts

What sets HVM bollards apart is their ability to stop fast, heavy vehicles without failing. HVM systems are tested to meet international standards like IWA 14-1 and PAS 68. Meeting these stringent benchmarks proves they offer reliable defence against hostile vehicles.

Sites currently using lower-rated barriers or manual bollards can upgrade to automatic HVM systems to achieve world-class protection. This enables them to defend against extreme vehicle-based attacks.

3. Streamlined Access Protocols

Alongside security, optimised HVM solutions also focus on convenient access control during daily operations. HVM automatic bollards can integrate with access control systems to open automatically for authorised cardholders, ensuring swift, convenient entry. 

They can also be controlled remotely via keypads, mobile apps, etc., allowing users to easily manage their own access permissions. This facilitates efficient traffic flow without compromising security protocols.

4. Projecting Security

Implementing advanced HVM barriers shows clients and the public that a company takes security seriously and is prepared for threats. Visible perimeter protection signals that safety and business continuity are top priorities.

Effective HVM systems also reduce risks of site damage, losses or downtime from vehicle attacks. This ability to avoid disruptions makes companies appear more stable and reliable to clients and investors.

5. Advancing Perimeter Security

Today’s threats require advanced security options that protect without sacrificing accessibility. HVM bollards set new standards for flexible vehicle access control. They uniquely combine maximum impact resistance with customizable access protocols. 

This no-compromise approach makes HVM systems ideal for security-conscious organisations.

Our HVM Bollard Solutions

With 15 years of experience specialising in bollard design, manufacturing, and installation nationwide, we at Macs Bollards offer industry-leading HVM systems: 

  • HVM Manual Bollards: Removable bollards such as the 275/K4RM offers a balance of security and accessibility, making it ideal for spaces needing occasional access.
  • HVM Semi-Automatic Bollards: These use a manually operated hydraulic unit. HVM Semi-automatic bollards like the K4 275/900A and M30 275/1200 are less physically demanding to operate than manual bollards, making them useful where more frequent access changes are needed.
  • HVM Automatic Bollards: Our range of IWA 14-1 and PAS 68 rated automatic bollards are electrically powered to raise/lower at the push of a button. They can be controlled remotely via various types of access control, including keypad, push button, app and more. This makes them the most convenient system for high traffic locations needing flexible access.
  • HVM Fixed Bollards: Permanently fixed security bollards like the 275/K4FB 900F and 275/K12SF 900F fully restrict vehicle access. They provide maximum hostile vehicle defence but permit no access.

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Our security experts can advise you on the most suitable HVM bollard types and access control features to balance protection, functionality and cost-effectiveness. Contact us today on 0161 320 6463 or enquiries@macs-bollards.com

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