What Are the Main Advantages of Automatic Bollards?

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Automatic bollards provide an intelligent access control solution for properties and high-security sites like government facilities and commercial premises. Whether you’re concerned about security, traffic control or aesthetic appeal, automatic bollards can seamlessly integrate into your environment, providing many advantages that make them a compelling choice for various applications.

What Are Automatic Bollards?

Automatic bollards are retractable security posts that can be raised or lowered using electrical-mechanical or hydraulic power. Bollard operation is usually controlled by some form of access control. Sensors such as induction loops are usually only for exit, with entry systems typically controlled by intercom with some form of human intervention.

Main Advantages of Automatic Bollards

There are a range of benefits associated with automatic bollards, including: 

Enhanced Security

Automatic bollards allow for strict control over entry, with systems typically requiring verification via intercom before permitting access. This prevents unauthorised vehicle entry. Sensors can automatically allow exit if needed. 

In addition, many systems with controlled entry and exit utilise an emergency raise button, which is critical for deterring vehicle-borne attacks and other threats.

Customised Access 

Automatic bollards facilitate customised access permissions through features like keypads, access cards and integration with number plate recognition cameras. This allows control over who can enter and when.

Remote Operation

Security personnel can control bollards remotely, ensuring protection even when the site is unstaffed. You can also control automatic bollards remotely via several methods: 

  • Wall-mounted switches – These allow security staff to raise and lower the bollards from a control room inside the building. This enables access control without having staff physically present at the bollard location.
  • Wireless transmitters – Portable wireless remote controls give security personnel the ability to operate bollards when they’re moving around within range. 
  • Smartphone apps – Bollard systems can integrate with smartphone apps to give security managers flexible control options. Admins can set permissions to allow certain users to raise or lower bollards from their phone. 
  • Hands-free activation – Automatic bollards can connect with access control systems like access card readers or number plate recognition cameras. This allows the bollards to raise and lower based on credential verification.

The remote control capabilities of automated bollards allow flexibility in access control operations. 

Applications Suited to Automated Bollards

Automatic retractable bollards bring key advantages anywhere requiring regular access changes, rapid reactions to threats or remote oversight where manned supervision is impractical.

Typical applications include:

  • Corporate premises and car parks 
  • Logistics depots and warehouse yards
  • Residential estates and gated communities  
  • Utility sites and critical infrastructure access points
  • Temporary event perimeters and stadiums
  • Military, government and aviation Facilities
  • CCTV-monitored public spaces

Almost any environment needing robust rising bollards can benefit from automation. Intelligent functionality tailored to each site’s risks and traffic flows takes convenience and security to the next level.

Take Advantage of Automatic Bollards With Macs Bollards

Automatic bollards offer a comprehensive security solution that enhances convenience, security and perimeter control. They’re particularly well-suited for high-security sites and environments requiring regular access changes, rapid reactions to threats or remote oversight.

For advice on choosing the optimal automatic bollard system for your site’s unique requirements, please contact the team at Macs Bollards on 0161 320 6463 or email enquiries@macs-bollards.com.

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