275/M50EMB 1200A

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The 275/M50EMB 1200A bollard is a high-security automatic electromechanical bollard designed by Pilomat, featuring advanced technology for maximum security applications. This bollard is part of the K12/M50 EMB series, which is renowned for its durability and reliability in sensitive and high-risk areas such as government buildings, airports, and military bases. The use of a brushless motor in these bollards signifies a commitment to wear-resistant technology, ensuring long life, consistent performance, and reduced maintenance needs.The 275/M50EMB 1200A is designed to withstand intensive use, capable of operating 2,000 cycles per day, which underscores its robustness and efficiency in managing access control. The bollard’s construction is aimed at reducing environmental impact, offering silent operation with a soft start and stop mechanism, making it suitable for environments where noise reduction is essential. With its impressive specifications, including a high impact and breakout resistance, the 275/M50EMB 1200A is certified to meet stringent international standards, making it a reliable choice for areas requiring stringent security measures.This bollard not only provides physical security but also integrates with various optional accessories to enhance its functionality, ensuring that it can be tailored to meet the specific security needs of any sensitive site. The 275/M50EMB 1200A represents a sophisticated blend of technology and security, offering a solution that is both effective in preventing unauthorised access and adaptable to a wide range of security scenarios.


Height 1200mm
Diameter 275 mm
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