275/K12EMB 900A

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The 275/K12EMB 900A bollard is an advanced security solution designed by Pilomat, specifically for anti-terrorist defense. This bollard is part of a series that reflects over 40 years of experience in the security field, with more than two decades dedicated to the design and manufacture of automatic bollards. The 275/K12EMB 900A is engineered for use in security-sensitive sites such as company driveways, industrial areas, research centers, embassies, police facilities, and military bases.This bollard is characterised by its robust construction, featuring a cylinder made from high-strength materials like S355JR normal steel or stainless steel options including AISI 304 and 316. With a diameter of 271 mm and a height of 900 mm, it is built to withstand significant impact forces, boasting an impact resistance of 700,000 joules and a breakout resistance of 2,000,000 joules. The electromechanical movement, powered by a built-in brushless motor, ensures reliable and efficient operation, suitable for intensive use with up to 2,000 cycles per day and a life expectancy of 3,000,000 cycles.The bollard’s design includes various optional features to enhance functionality and safety, such as multi-LED lighting strips, acoustic warning alarms, and reflective strips. These features, along with its high-performance specifications, make the 275/K12EMB 900A an ideal choice for areas requiring stringent security measures to protect against high-speed vehicle attacks.


Height 900mm
Diameter 275 mm
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