How Can Automatic Bollards Benefit a Business?

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Automatic bollards offer a paradigm shift in site access control. Their discreet yet powerful presence not only deters unwanted vehicles, but empowers businesses with control and unparalleled flexibility. 

We look at key ways deploying smart bollards can improve convenience, safety and security for your company’s premises and personnel.

What is an Automatic Bollard?

Automatic bollards are specialised security devices that function as retractable posts. Bollard operation is usually controlled by some form of access control. Sensors such as induction loops are usually only for exit, with the entry system typically being controlled by intercom as well as some form of human intervention. 

You can control these bollards remotely via:

  • Wall-mounted switches – Located near the bollards for convenient activation.
  • Wireless transmitters – Handheld devices that offer control from a distance.
  • Smartphone apps – Mobile applications for remote activation and access management.
  • Integrated systems – These can include access control card readers or number plate recognition cameras, allowing for automatic authorisation and activation based on predefined criteria.

Automatic Bollard Benefits for Businesses

Smoother Site Access Control 

A major benefit of automated bollards is delivering seamless access management without relying on guards to manually handle bollards. This can be achieved when integrating bollards with an existing access control network, such as Paxton Net2. This provides:

  • 24/7 availability – Automated systems allow authorised access anytime without needing a security presence to lower the bollards. This facilitates out-of-hours deliveries and entry for unsocial work shifts.
  • Swift vehicle clearance – Bollards swiftly retract to allow passage, avoiding potential bottlenecks. This keeps traffic flowing, important for sites with high volumes.
  • Customised control – Issue swipe cards, codes or transmitters to control access based on an employee’s role. Easily permit entry for essential unscheduled visits, whether it’s an engineer attending to an emergency issue or an executive working overnight. 
  • Detailed logs – Systems record usage data for easy auditing. This way, your accountability improves while also highlighting any potential security concerns.

Employee Safety and Security

Alongside efficient access control, automatic bollards also strengthen overall site security for improved safety. Key features include:

  • Instant lockdown – Depending on the configuration of systems, bollards can be raised site-wide at the tap of a button if a threat arises on or near your premises. This rapid containment restricts risks to staff. 
  • Alarm integration – Bollards automatically pop up to block vehicular access or escape when alarms or other detectors are triggered, buying time for guards to attend.
  • Video analytics – Integrated cameras can automatically raise bollards if unauthorised perimeter breaches, suspicious activity or security incidents are visually detected anywhere on-site. 

Enhanced Corporate Image  

Apart from better security, automatic bollards also boost your corporate image for staff, clients and the public by showing you’re invested in state-of-the-art protection.

Sleek modern bollard designs featuring finishes like stainless steel communicate that cutting-edge tech is guarding the premises. Seamless automation also removes unwanted downtime and congestion that manually operated bollards could otherwise cause if access takes too long. 

Does the Type of Automatic Bollard Make a Difference?

All bollards are not created equal. There are different varieties of automatic bollards, which offer slightly different advantages:

  • HVM Automatic Bollards – Heavy-duty bollards with highly certified impact ratings, capable of stopping fast heavy goods vehicles. This makes them ideal for sites that need extreme hostile vehicle mitigation.
  • P Series Automatic Rising Bollards – Offer advanced protection for sites that need frequent access changes, with shallower foundation options. Its faster operation suits high traffic flow.
  • Coral and Vigilo Automatic Rising Bollards – Cost-effective lighter-duty systems suitable where aesthetic design is a key consideration, such as retail sites. Its smooth automation still deters opportunistic threats.

The right solution depends on your risk factors, traffic levels, aesthetics and budget. Our expert team at MACS Bollards can recommend the best type to deliver automation benefits for your specific business application.

Find the Right Automatic Bollard Solution for Your Business

Effective site security means balancing access convenience, personnel safety and physical asset protection. Using manual bollards in isolation often forces you to compromise some of your business’s needs. But today’s intelligent automated bollard systems allow customised access control, instant lockdowns and seamless traffic flow.

To discuss how automatic bollards can start benefiting your company, contact the team at Macs Bollards today at 0161 320 6463 or Our experts can advise the optimal bollard solution for your site’s unique requirements.

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