3 Effective Ways to Deter Burglars & Intruders

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The thought of an intruder breaking into your home is distressing for any householder. While it’s impossible to prevent burglaries completely, there are several proven techniques that can dramatically reduce your property’s appeal to criminals.

At Macs Bollards, one of the UK’s leading providers of security bollards for homes and businesses, we explore three highly effective yet affordable ways to deter burglars and obstruct intruder access: 

1. Install Security Bollards  

Bollards act as physical barriers to unauthorised vehicle access, keeping opportunistic burglars out while allowing flexible entry for approved vehicles. 

With foundations buried deep underground for maximum stability, solid security bollards help to stop speeding cars or vans from penetrating your fences and gates. The damage inflicted can also leave vehicles unable to drive away.

Types of Security Bollards

Various bollard designs suit different property risk levels and budgets, including:

  • Removable bollards – These are lockable posts that can be taken out of the ground when authorised people need access. You can easily replace them afterwards, allowing complete entry clearance without restricting boundaries in the long term.
  • Automatic retractable bollards – These bollards rise from the ground with the push of a button to block access. When you don’t need them, they lower and disappear from view. You can also install convenient access control through swipe cards or remote transmitters.
  • Semi-automatic bollards – Equipped with hydraulic mechanisms to make lifting easier, these bollards reduce the manual effort you need to operate them. While they’re still manually raised and lowered, the hydraulic assistance makes them more convenient for frequent access changes. They provide a more affordable alternative to fully automatic bollards.
  • Fixed bollards – These bollards provide permanent solid obstacles to prevent opportunistic ram-raids. They’re ideal for restricting access to side alleys vulnerable to break-ins.

2. Install Sensor-Triggered Security Lighting

Once you’ve installed physical barriers like bollards, consider adding exterior security lighting to your property. Bright lighting eliminates dark corners around your property’s perimeter, deterring lurking burglars while also alerting you to any unusual presence. 

Sensor-activated floodlights and spotlights are particularly effective because:

  • PIR (Passive Infrared) detection systems trigger the bright lights only temporarily when movement is detected at night. 
  • Tamper-proof units provide 360-degree illumination, covering driveways, side gates and other vulnerable spots not easily viewable from within your home. 
  • When triggered, smart lighting systems amp up the deterrent by strobing the lights in a random sequence. 
  • Some systems can also instantly notify your smartphone of any triggers, allowing you to respond swiftly. 

Make sure to get floodlight quotes from security specialists. This will help you choose the right lighting system and gain insights into the latest lighting technologies, energy efficiency considerations and installation requirements.

3. Invest in a Monitored Alarm System

A professionally installed and monitored alarm system provides 24/7 surveillance. Your chosen alarm system should include these features to provide comprehensive monitoring:

  • Tamper-proof panels
  • Door and window sensors 
  • Motion detectors

When sensors notice someone trying to break in, the alarm goes off and usually scares the intruder away before they can cause much harm. More importantly, the alarm also notifies the security company, who can send someone to help.

Alarm System Best Practices

Consider these best practices to get the most from your alarm system:

  • Camera placement – Position CCTV cameras to capture alarm sensors and provide evidence for prosecution.
  • Mobile access – Opt for an alarm system that lets you arm and disarm it from your smartphone for convenience and remote monitoring.
  • Upgraded monitoring plans – Consider upgrading your monitoring plan for visual verification, enabling alarm response officers to be dispatched based on suspicious activity detected on CCTV footage.

Partner With MACs Bollards to Protect Your Home

You can effectively deter burglars and intruders by implementing a multi-layered security strategy. Strategically placed security bollards, sensor-triggered lighting and a monitored alarm system create a formidable barrier against intrusions

As one of the UK’s leading bollard suppliers, our team of experienced advisers and fully qualified engineers at Macs Bollards can help you find the right solution for your security needs. Contact us on 0161 320 6463 or email enquiries@macs-bollards.com to find out more.

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