Macs 'PASS' Automatic Telescopic Bollards

Hydraulic bollards for use in many applications, such as TOPAS 2510A approved schemes.

Telescopic security bollards have become a common and everyday sight in today's town and city centres, with many local authorities choosing to install automatic telescopic bollards as a way of introducing traffic calming measures and pedestrian only areas.

The Macs 'PASS' range of security bollards are the result of over 20 years of research and development, and the current models incorporate a hydraulic system with a built-in pump, making them extremely reliable for use on a wide variety of applications. The entire range is also available in a choice of sizes, and a choice of options including:

  • Custom RAL colour of the bollard cylinder, to match surrounding area
  • Flashing lights and audible sounder in the bollard head, to offer additional visibility and safety
  • Bollard blackout device for use in case of power failure.
  • Integration with access control options, including our bespoke bollard control and monitoring system, giving complete control of the bollards 24/7.

Our 'PASS' range of bollards have been installed in local authority public realm and vehicle restriction schemes across the UK for over 15 years, and are designed to be installed to TOPAS 2510A standards. For more on our existing telescopic bollard installations, be sure to take a look at our latest case studies here.

For more information on the 'PASS' range of automatic telescopic bollards, and which model may be suitable for your requirements, take a look at the options below, or call today to speak with one of our team.

For projects where a high impact crash tested security bollard is required, please see our Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) bollards here

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