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MACS automatic security barriers are an effective way to secure car parking spaces and protect restricted areas. Take a look at our different types of automatic barrier systems and their range of private, commercial and industrial applications. 

What are Automatic Security Barriers? 

Automatic security barriers are designed to efficiently control vehicle access to a site. You’ll often find them applied at commercial car parks, multi-storey car parks, private staff car parks, and commercial or industrial premises. 

Discover the types of automatic security barriers available at MACs, including parking barriers and industrial security barriers.

MACS 6000B-19 Automatic Barrier 

A 4m automatic rise and fall barrier with a control panel and gearbox design, meaning there is no need for springs or counterweights! The 600B-19 design instead utilises the latest technology and provides a smooth and consistent operation. 

The integrated PLC controller can be programmed for any site configuration and form of access control requirements. The barriers can be installed quickly and easily, and the aluminium control cabinet offers both durability and a sleek look. 

The MACS 6000B-19 is best applied at the entrance or exit area of a car park and boasts a 100% duty cycle suitable for heavy industrial use. 

MACS Automatic Parking Barrier 

A parking barrier with 24v energy-saving technology. Our automatic parking barrier boasts a sleek design, is easy to install, and offers energy-saving solutions. Constructed of aluminium, the premium barrier is long-lasting and has an IP54 rating. It’s also available in a range of RAL painted finishes. 

Discover a powerful 24V BLDC motor, red reflective signal stripes, a boom arm that can be fitted to the left or right, and LED boom lighting as an optional extra. 

The MACS automatic parking barrier is best applied at car parks and commercial premises and is designed for intensive use with a duty cycle of up to 100%. 

MACS Industrial Security Barrier 

A high use automatic security barrier ideal for applications where reliability and performance are paramount. Our BG94 is an electro-mechanical security barrier in electro-galvanised tubular steel, pre-painted aluminium outer panels, and a metallic or black plastic cover with built-in LED. 

Additional features include adjustable limit switches, an emergency handle system for manual operation, and a built-in electronic control board. 

The MACS BG94 industrial barrier is designed for intensive use and has an 80% duty cycle.  

MACS Automatic Vertical Barrier 

A motorised vehicle barrier offering a high level of security. Our automatic vertical security barrier is designed to resist a Heavy Goods Vehicle weighing up to 6,800kg, impacting at 80km/h. 

MACS automatic vertical barrier is designed to meet ASTM F2656-07. Discover complete control over your vehicle restriction system when implemented with our PLC monitoring. 

The integrated hydraulic operator ensures maximum performance and reliability, making the vertical barrier ideal for security application at a range of car parks and premises. 

MACS Automatic Security Barriers 

At MACS, we sell and install a range of high-quality automatic vehicles barriers across the UK. From light commercial barriers to heavy-duty models, our barriers provide thousands of operation cycles every day, with duty cycles of up to 100%. 

Discover a range of finishes and options, including a variety of raising boom lengths and stainless steel or polyester powder-coated barrier steel cabinets. All MAC automatic security barriers are also offered with additional safety devices, from safety induction loops to safety photocells and safety edges. 

In terms of access control, many of our security barriers boast audio or video intercoms, proximity card readers, keypads and ANPR plate recognition. MAC barriers can also be integrated into our bespoke programmable logic controller and provide a system for tracking vehicle entry or exit of the site.   

For more information regarding our automatic security barriers and their application, call MACS on 0161 320 6462, or complete our contact form for advice or a free quote. 

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