Traffic Calming Measures - Security Bollards

Automatic security bollards for use in highways approved traffic calming measures

Protecting People and Places

Traffic calming measures. pedestrian zone bollards

Traffic calming measures use physical means to reduce and restrict traffic flow and improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists in public spaces.

If you are a local authority, urban planner or contractor looking to implement traffic calming measures and vehicle exclusion zones within a public realm scheme, we can help with the supply of security bollards specifically designed to be used in traffic restriction schemes and other similar applications.

Our PASS range of automatic security bollards are the result of over 20 years of development, and have been installed at various locations around the UK for almost 15 years. Local authorities we have worked with include: Cornwall County Council, Nottingham City Council, RBC of Kingston upon Thames, East Dunbartonshire Council, Rhondda Cynon Taff County Council, and many others.

Pedestrian areas

Traffic Calming Measures Security Bollards

Many local authorities are now creating town centre pedestrian only zones, and the use of our automatic bollards can help implement the required traffic restrictions.

Recent applications using our PASS range of security bollards include town centres pedestrian zones, market squares, town halls and cathedrals.

Traffic calming solutions and bus gates

bus gate bollards

Our PASS automatic bollards are also regularly used for the implementation of bus gates and priority lanes, and other traffic calming solutions including vehicle exclusion zones and ‘rat runs’.

As such, our automatic security bollards are one of the most effective traffic calming measures in use today.

Around the clock security

With 24 hour technical support, fast response, and the ability to replace a damaged bollard usually within one working day, our PASS bollards ensure you have near round the clock security in place once installed.

Our PLC based bollard control and monitoring systems also allow for remote access, anytime of day.

PAS 68 Bollards

PAS 68 bollards

If PAS 68, IWA 14, or a similar hostile vehicle mitigation bollard is required, we supply a complete range of certificated and crash rated bollards, suitable for use on high security applications, including stadia, embassies, nuclear facilities and airports.

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal, and we worked with numerous local authorities, installing security bollards to Highways England standards for over 15 years.

More information on our PASS range of security bollards, suitable for use on highway schemes, can be found here.

If PAS 68 or IWA 14 crash rated bollards are required, more information on the products we supply can be found here

Alternatively, please get in touch today and we’d be more than happy to assist.

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