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Telescopic Security Bollards

Here at Macs Automated Bollard Systems Ltd, we continously strive to offer the best and most complete solution for the use of automatic and semi automatic security bollards for all possible applications.

With existing projects ranging from local authority pedestrian areas and urban regeneration, bus gates and traffic control areas, secure locations, and commercial and residential projects. Whatever your requirements, there is sure to be a Macs system available to suit your needs.

As suppliers of a full range of automatic telescopic and semi automatic security bollards, along a variety of equipment to complement these systems such as our latest generation of bespoke touch screen bollard monitoring and control systems, Macs offer a complete and professional service for all vehicle restriction projects.

Our range of residential parking bollards and driveway bollards can be seen here

Our crash rated bollards and PAS68 bollards can be found here

Our services include:

  • Full range of crash rated security bollards
  • Nationwide installation, repair and servicing of automatic bollard systems.
  • Professional aftercare, with year round callout service.
  • Optional touch screen bollard remote monitoring control system
  • Affordable ongoing service contracts to keep your bollards running in peak condition.

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