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Bollard Impact Resistance

PAS 68 security bollards

The importance of foundations In recent years, security bollards have become increasingly newsworthy as a strategic security measure against the rise of terrorist and criminal activity. In light of recent world events, an important question that is asked of any type of bollards is what is it’s inherent stopping power and impact resistance, particularly when…

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Hostile Vehicle Mitigation – Security Bollards

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Hostile vehicle mitigation and Crash Rated Bollards Within the UK, vehicle-borne threats range from small scale vandalism, to much larger scale aggressive terrorist attack and criminal damage. With the constant evolution of terrorism, and the on-going development of new methods to combat it, the convenience and easy movement of vehicles mean they remain a convenient…

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Automatic Bollards – From Driveways to Traffic Management

Automatic Bollards

There are many uses for automatic bollards in the UK today, from a single post protecting a driveway or parking spot, to town centre entry and exit traffic control systems and, increasingly, counter terror applications. At Macs Automated Bollard Systems, we offer a range of products and services to suit any application, with no project…

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Parking Bollards. Driveway Bollards and Parking Posts

parking bollards

What are parking bollards? Parking bollards are a physical security measure, designed to secure private residential or business locations, and helping to prevent unauthorised use of private car parking spaces. Ideal for use on business premises, car parks, driveways and private access roads, the security bollards offer a high security solution to the various issue…

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Telescopic Security Bollards – Macs Automated Bollards

Telescopic Security Bollards

Protecting People and Places. Here at Macs Automated Bollards Systems, we continuously strive to offer the most complete and reliable solutions for the use of telescopic security bollards, for all possible applications. With existing projects around the UK including the supply of telescopic security bollards for residential and commercial premises, local authority pedestrian areas, urban…

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