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Rising Bollards 101 – An introduction to bollards and their uses

With the growing popularity and variety of rising bollards available, deciding which one is right for you can be a bit of a headache! Our handy guide to the variety of types available, and some common uses, aims to clear things up a little, so you can be sure you’re getting the right bollard for you.

What are rising bollards?

Rising bollard refers to any type of bollard that can be raised and lowered into the ground, whether manually lifted, raised with a key released gas actuator, or automatically raised and lowered by using a mechanical or hydraulic pump.

Manual or automatic bollards, which is right for you?

If you require bollards to protect your driveway at home, there are a number of solutions to choose from. The most cost effective method is to use a manual rising bollard, such as the Macs 114/900. Easy to install and simple to use (simply lift and lock into place), they are a great cost effective option to consider.

A more robust option is to use semi automatic, or lift assisted bollards. The Macs SA220/600 semi automatic bollards use a gas actuator to raise the bollard, with no lifting required. Again, they are a great option with budget in mind, and require no cabling or ducting during installation.

Automatic rising bollards are the most popular choice, as they offer the perfect balance between price and functionality. Available as either electro mechanical (mechanical worm drive motor) or hydraulic, they offer the most variety in regard to options available. The bollard systems can be completely tailored to suit your requirements, are available in a variety of sizes and styles, and can be operated by keyfob, intercom, vehicle reader system and a multitude of other options.

Commercial rising bollards

If the bollards are for use on commercial premises, then hydraulic is the way to go. Offering a high level of performance and reliability, they are ideal for high use applications, and usually require minimal servicing throughout the year.

Common uses for commercial hydraulic bollards include; warehouses, car dealerships and forecourts, shop fronts and offices.

Traffic Control and PAS 68

If bollards are required for a public realm scheme, then our guide to traffic calming bollards might be of interest. Our PASS range of hydraulic automatic rising bollards are specifically designed for use in urban areas such as city centres. If you are involved in urban planning or traffic control, they are a great solution for implementing traffic calming measures in town and city centres.

Common public realm applications include; market squares, high streets, cathedrals and bus gates

We also offer a range of PAS 68 and IWA 14 rated hostile vehicle mitigation bollards. Specifically designed for high security applications and counter terror measures, they offer the highest level of protection available from rising bollards systems.

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