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Across the UK, bollard systems are protecting everything from driveways and shop fronts to bus gates and town centre pedestrian zones. Indeed, by acting as both a physical and visual barrier – while still allowing free pedestrian access – bollards are perfect for guarding property and vulnerable spaces. But, choosing the right security bollard is only half the battle. The correct bollard maintenance is also essential to ensure your solution keeps working the way you want it to.

Bollard maintenance basics – what can cause damage to bollards?

Bollards are built to last, but several things can damage your bollards; both immediately and over time. In our years of experience, four of the most common reasons for bollard disrepair are vehicle impact, vandalism, unskilled maintenance, and environmental degradation.

Vehicle impact

The very nature of bollards makes them susceptible to bumps, crashes and scrapes. The good news is that PAS 68 and IWA 14 bollards can help.

Both PAS 68 and IWA 14 bollards have been tested against a range of criteria such as impact methods, speed, weight, tolerances, vehicle types and performance. This test includes physically crashing a vehicle into the bollard.

What’s more, crash-tested bollards aren’t just capable of standing firm against driver errors; they also act as a physical counter-terror measure and help to keep spaces, buildings and people safe from deliberate vehicle incursions and attacks.

Find out more about how crash-tested bollards are helping to prevent terrorism.


Bollards aren’t just robust; they can also be aesthetically pleasing. But the look and feel of an area can be diminished if these bollards become spray-painted with graffiti. So, keeping them clean and free from vandalism is essential.

Poor bollard maintenance

Despite the very best of intentions, security bollards can become even more damaged when those carrying out maintenance or repairs don’t know what they are doing. Sometimes, trying to cut corners with a DIY approach can be a very costly mistake!

Environmental degradation

Over time, the environment can start to have an impact on the functionality and look of a bollard. For example, coastal areas with high salinity can result in the corrosion of machinery and infrastructure.

As such, when installing new bollards, it’s vital to talk to an expert to ensure that the products you choose are made from a material suitable to the environment you want to protect.

How to keep your bollards working

One of the best ways to ensure your bollards continue to work effectively is to implement a regular inspection, cleaning and maintenance schedule. But what should you look out for when it comes to bollard maintenance?

Of course, one of the most obvious signs that a bollard needs your attention is if it is bashed, or if it has stopped working (e.g. a retractable telescopic bollard). But there are some other things to keep an eye out for as part of this regime. These include:

  • Bollards that look scratched, rusty or the finish has otherwise deteriorated
  • Bollards that have been vandalised (e.g. with spray paint)
  • Bollards that have dents or cracks
  • Bollards that are excessively dirty
  • Bollards that are shaky or loose.

In the long run, by keeping on top of things, and getting any issues resolved ASAP, your bollards will stand the test of time. And you’ll save on the unnecessary costs of replacement.

Expert bollard maintenance

At Macs, we offer an unbeatable choice when it comes to individual bollards and complete bollard systems. But more than that, we also provide expert bollard servicing and maintenance support to help keep your security bollards in the best possible working condition.

With one-off remedial servicing and ongoing maintenance options (e.g. six-monthly service visits), our professional service engineers will ensure that your existing bollard installations remain operational and in an excellent working condition. Ultimately, it’s about giving you peace of mind and long-lasting protection, while saving you money.

When it comes to security, Macs Automated Bollard Systems understands how important protecting your world is – so let’s protect it together. For a free quote on our security bollard maintenance options or products, call our service team on 0161 320 6462 or email us by completing our contact form.

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