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Parking Posts – Getting Started with Parking Posts

Getting started with Parking Posts.

Telescopic parking posts are a common method of securing private car parking spaces at home or at the workplace. Used as both a visual and physical deterrent, they are an affordable solution to nuisance parking, offering you peace of mind that your parking space remains secure.

Considering a parking post installation?

When considering the purchase of a parking post, there are a number of varieties to choose from. Would a simple fold down post be most suitable, or would removable posts or a fully automatic system be preferable? There are plenty of options, sizes, styles and finishes in our range to suit your preferences.

Folding parking posts.

A fold down parking post offers the simplest option to secure your parking place. They are an easy DIY option, taking minutes to install, and are the most cost-effective option.

Telescopic parking posts.

If a more substantial solution is required, then telescopic parking posts may be the answer. Larger in diameter and height, there are numerous types of telescopic posts available.

Manual telescopic posts are again simple to use, simply lifting and locking into position, and lowering back into the ground when access is required. They are another cost effective and unobtrusive option for securing parking places.

Lift assisted, or semi-automatic, parking posts are another option. Offering a lift assist mechanism, they are ideal for use when the lifting weight needs to be considered. They are a simple and effective choice, allowing for easier operation, with no cabling or electrical connections required.

The most popular choice is to install fully automated telescopic parking posts, perfect for when multiple access is required throughout the day. Automatic parking post systems offer a variety of different methods for operation. There are simple options, such as handheld keyfobs, or the posts can be lowered and raised by other methods, such as an access intercom or proximity cards. Additional safety should always be considered when choosing automatic telescopic parking posts, such a vehicle induction loops, warning signs and indicator lights.

Whichever option you find most suitable, most parking posts come in a choice of styles and finish. Many models offer varying heights and diameters, and often they are available either painted or  in stainless steel. Automatic telescopic parking bollards are available with optional LED lights for increased visibility to pedestrians and vehicles.

Parking posts supplied and fitted.

If you’re looking for parking bollards supplied and fitted, give us a call today and we will be happy to fully discuss all the options available. Alternatively, take a look at our range of automatic and manual bollard options.

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