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Manual Telescopic Bollards Fold Down Posts

The use of manual telescopic and fold down bollards as a way of protecting private driveways and business premises is becoming more common place around the UK; this is down to a variety of reasons, not least their affordability and ease of use.

Manual retractable bollards are perfect for use on driveways, or to protect parking spaces, garages, and shop fronts, as they offer a more cost effective option than a fully automatic rising bollard system whilst still being a good physical and visual deterrent.

The installation of a manual security bollard is also easy and straightforward, with the foundation box simply being secured into the ground. Installing a fold down bollard could not be easier, with the base simply being bolted to the ground.

The use of manual bollards is also simple; they lift up manually from the foundation box and lock into place. To lower again, simply release with a key and lower back into the ground. For an even easier option, consider a semi automatic bollard that uses a single action piston to raise the bollard from the ground.

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