Telescopic Security Posts - Residential and Commercial

Semi-Automatic, Lift Assisted and Manual Telescopic Security Bollards

Here at Macs Automated Bollard Systems, we offer a wide range of manual and semi-automatic telescopic security posts, ideal for use on both residential and commercial applications, such as driveways, car parks, and commercial premises. The bollards can be used in conjunction with existing parking barriers, or when other security barriers are not a feasible solution.

Semi-Automatic Retractable Bollards

What are semi-automatic bollards? Semi-automatic bollards are an ideal option for effective vehicle restriction and access control when power is unavailable or unfeasible. The bollards use an integrated gas spring mechanism to raise from the lowered position when released.

Our range of semi-automatic telescopic security posts are designed and built to have a similar aesthetic appearance as our automatic rising bollards, and are suitable for use on a variety of applications, such as shop fronts, private driveways and commercial premises.

Coming in a stainless steel finish as standard, and 600 mm or 800 mm high, they offer a stylish and secure solution to nuisance parking and unauthorised vehicle access.

Our lift assisted security posts are an even more economical solution, offering the protection needed for applications such as homes and driveways, whilst the integrated gas actuator allows the user to easily raise the bollards with little effort needed.

The raising of both the semi automatic bollards and the lift assisted bollards could not be simpler. Through the use of a key and a single gas actuator, the semi-automatic bollards rise out of the ground with no need for manual lifting, whilst the lift assisted bollards can be raised with minimal effort.

Manual Telescopic Security Posts

Our range of manual retractable bollards combine sleek, modern aesthetics with the protection needed for a range of applications such as driveways, parking spaces, and office buildings.

From simple DIY options such as fold-down parking posts, to more heavy duty telescopic parking posts with integrated lock, we continue to research and develop our range of manual security bollards to ensure that the system you choose integrates seamlessly with all architectural styles, whilst providing the level of security you require.

If you require anti ram raid, or more high security solutions, take a look at our hydraulic bollards and crash rated bollards. Alternatively, give us a call today on 0161 3206462, and we'd be happy to assist.

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