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Highways approved or private residential/commercial bollards?

One of the services offered by Macs Automated Bollard Systems is the option between fully highways approved bollard systems and more affordable systems for use on residential and commercial properties.

The highways approved systems are for use on the public highway and include the approved Pass Bollards, which come with features such as blackout device, safety pressure switch, traffic indicator post and Macs’ bespoke bollard monitoring system, all of which allow the complete installation of the rising bollards to meet highway agency standard.

The residential and commercial range of bollards are a more affordable option for use on private land, and can be anything from a simple single rising bollard system with control board, to a full system with stainless steel bollards with flashing lights, sounders and monitoring system.

Both options can be controlled using a variety of access control systems including, intercoms, tag readers, ANPR systems, keypad, proximity systems and much more.

Whichever type of installation, you can be sure that our expert advisors will endeavour to find you the right bollard system to suit your needs.

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