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Security bollards – The different options explained

Choosing the right security bollards.

Security bollards are now a common site around the UK and are used for a variety of reasons, such as restricting access to private driveways and parking spaces, traffic calming measures, or as a means of adding additional security.

They can also be a considerable purchase, so it is important to carefully consider the range of options available, and to be well informed in order to make the right choice for your particular needs.

Considering getting bollards fitted?

When considering having bollards fitted, consideration should be given as to the primary purpose for their use. Are the bollards for residential use, such as driveway security? Or are they to secure a public space, such as market squares, which would require more substantial automatic security bollards, or possibly PAS 68 crash rated bollards. Whatever the application, the information below should help explain the different options available.

Driveway Security Bollards and Parking Posts.

Protecting a private parking space or driveway is a common issue in the UK today, and there are a number of solutions in regard to security bollards.

Balancing budget and functionality, manual retractable driveway bollards are a simple and cost effective way to increase driveway security. One of the benefits of driveway bollards is the ease of installation and use, simply lifting and locking into position, and lowering back into the ground when access is required.

Semi automatic security bollards, also known as lift assisted bollards, are another option. They offer a lift assist mechanism integrated within the bollard, which allows for easier operation, making them a good option when the lifting weight may be a concern. They are another simple and effective solution, with no cabling or electrical connections required to install.

Automatic Telescopic Security Bollards.

The use of fully automatic retractable bollards is another popular option, particularly when multiple access is required throughout the day. With automated bollard systems, there are many different options available for use, from simple keyfob operation to access from intercoms or proximity cards. When installing any automatic bollards, additional safety should always be considered. This can include items such a vehicle induction loops, warning signs and indicator lights.

Automatic Rising Bollards – PASS range.

Automatic security bollards are used not only in residential and commercial projects, but also on larger public realm schemes, such as town centre schemes and bus gates. Our range of PASS hydraulic bollards have been specifically designed with these applications in mind, and offer a fusion of robust functionality, reliability, and an unobtrusive aesthetic finish.

PAS 68 Security Bollards.

PAS 68, and other crash rated security bollards, are generally used where the need for a higher level of security than usual is required. This can include stadiums, shopping centres, and other open spaces where the need to secure public safety is required.

More information on PAS68 and the bollards in our range can be found here

Whatever type of bollard you find most suitable, the majority of driveway come in a choice of styles, offering varying heights and diameters, and coming in either a painted or a stainless steel finish. Many telescopic security bollards include LED lights for increased visibility to pedestrian and vehicles when in operation. For more information on any of the bollards in our range, or to discuss your requirements further, call us today and we’d be happy to assist.

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