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Hostile Vehicle Mitigation – Security Bollards

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Hostile vehicle mitigation and Crash Rated Bollards Within the UK, vehicle-borne threats range from small scale vandalism, to much larger scale aggressive terrorist attack and criminal damage. With the constant evolution of terrorism, and the on-going development of new methods to combat it, the convenience and easy movement of vehicles mean they remain a convenient…

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Security Bollard Apprentice wins OTC ‘Apprentice of the Quarter’

Security bollard apprentice of the month

Macs are delighted to announce that our has apprentice mechanical engineer, Jonathan Keating, has won the OTC ‘Apprentice of the Quarter’ for December 2018.  Currently studying his NVQ level 2 in Mechanical Engineering, Jonathan is progressing very well, with a committed attitude both at work and college. Working on various automatic bollard systems in the…

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Sliding Bollards – Now supplying Heald’s Matador Sliding Bollard Systems

Sliding Bollards

Now Supplying Heald’s Matador Surface Mount Sliding Bollards Systems! Macs are delighted to announce that we now offer the supply of Heald’s Matador surface mount sliding bollards system. Further complementing our range of automatic telescopic and crash rated bollards, the surface mount Matador bollard systems offer a combination of IWA-14 tested physical security, automatic bollard…

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Automatic Bollards – From Driveways to Traffic Management

Automatic Bollards

There are many uses for automatic bollards in the UK today, from a single post protecting a driveway or parking spot, to town centre entry and exit traffic control systems and, increasingly, counter terror applications. At Macs Automated Bollard Systems, we offer a range of products and services to suit any application, with no project…

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Security bollards – The different options explained

Choosing the right security bollards

Choosing the right security bollards. Security bollards are now a common site around the UK and are used for a variety of reasons, such as restricting access to private driveways and parking spaces, traffic calming measures, or as a means of adding additional security. They can also be a considerable purchase, so it is important…

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Parking Posts – Getting Started with Parking Posts

Parking Posts

Getting started with Parking Posts. Telescopic parking posts are a common method of securing private car parking spaces at home or at the workplace. Used as both a visual and physical deterrent, they are an affordable solution to nuisance parking, offering you peace of mind that your parking space remains secure. Considering a parking post…

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Driveway Bollards – A brief guide

Driveway bollard

Driveway Bollards – A brief guide. Driveway bollards are commonly used use on private driveways, as a means of adding additional security. Usually positioned at the entrance to a driveway, they offer a visual and physical presence to help prevent vehicle theft, whist still allowing pedestrian access. The real question that needs to be asked…

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What is PAS 68?

PAS 68 bollards

BSI PAS 68 is the Publicly Available Specification in the UK for crash rated vehicle barrier and bollard security products. The PAS 68 standard defines the test criteria which a product has to be tested in order to comply and achieve BSI PAS 68 and identifies impact test methods, tolerances, test vehicle type and performance…

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Parking Bollards. Driveway Bollards and Parking Posts

parking bollards

What are parking bollards? Parking bollards are a physical security measure, designed to secure private residential or business locations, and helping to prevent unauthorised use of private car parking spaces. Ideal for use on business premises, car parks, driveways and private access roads, the security bollards offer a high security solution to the various issue…

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