Rising Bollard Systems - Bradford City Centre

Automatic Rising Bollard Systems - Bradford City Centre

Macs have recently completed the installation of a number of replacement automatic rising bollard systems within Bradford city centre. The replacement 275/800 P10 automatic bollards were requested after more than a decade of successful operation of the original 275/800 rising bollards, first supplied and installed by Macs back in 2009.

The rising bollard systems are in operation within the city centre pedestrianised zone around Ivegate, Kirkgate and Uppemillergate, and restrict vehicle access to the pedestrianised area.

The original bollard installation was completed back in 2009, with Bradford City Council implementing 13 automatic bollard systems, with the main requirement being to eliminate traffic within the city centre area, and make this pedestrian zone a more attractive and secure space for shoppers and visitors. As part of the original installation, Macs provided a bollard security solution which implemented the required vehicle restriction, whilst also permitting access for deliveries and emergency crew. The security bollards were installed in strategic locations within the city centre, operate 24/7, and are linked to the local CCTV control room.

Bradford City Council have supplied their own intercom access control system, but the heavy duty rising bollard systems are also integrated with Macs bespoke PLC based control panels. The bollards also employ a number of red/green traffic light systems, and audible warning sounders during operation.

More information on the Macs 275/800 P10 Automatic Rising Bollards can be found here.

To discuss our PASS range of automatic bollards further, please call us today on 0161 3206462, and we would be happy to answer and questions you may have.


Macs 275/800 P10 Automatic Security Bollards

Scope of services

Location: Bradford City Centre

Application: Pedestrianisation / Vehicle Restriction

Standard: Highways Standard

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