Automatic Rising Bollard Falmouth

Automatic Rising Bollard - Falmouth, Cornwall.

Macs have recently completed the installation of a new automatic rising bollard system in central Falmouth, Cornwall. Attracting thousands of visitors each year, Falmouth has a busy main road, and pedestrian safety was a concern. With this in mind, the primary use of the rising bollard system is as a traffic calming measure, to restrict and control traffic flow along Falmouth's Church Street.

Macs have once again worked in successful partnership with SSE Contracting and Cornwall County Council, and have installed the latest rising bollard system to Highways England standards.

Operated by an internal hydraulic pump for increased performance, the system also incorporates our latest PLC remote bollard control and monitoring, allowing for remote access and control of the bollard system 24 hours a day.

If you have an upcoming urban design scheme or traffic calming plan, please take the time to read about our traffic calming systems and remote bollard monitoring system, to find out more about how Macs Automated Bollard Systems could help with the supply of a reliable and lasting solution.


Macs PASS P275/800 Bollards

Scope of services

Location: Falmouth

Application: Traffic Calming

Standard: Highways Standard

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