Automatic Bollard System Watford Talos M50

PAS 68 / IWA 14 Security Bollards - Watford Town Centre.

Macs are delighted to have completed the supply and installation of two new PAS 68 / IWA 14 crash rated automatic bollard systems in Watford, Hertfordshire. Local residents and visitors can now enjoy a more attractive and less polluted, pedestrian and cycle friendly town centre, with the High Street and Market Street bollards works now completed.

Working in partnership with Murrill Construction, Watford Borough Council and Hertfordshire County Council, the bollard installation is part of a large public realm renovation scheme in Watford town centre. Used to control traffic flow around a pedestrian area, the bollards integrate with an automatic number plate recognition system, to only allow access to authorised vehicles such as buses. The improvements to Watford High Street were undertaken to provide improved access for the public to fully enjoy the town centre, along with making the area brighter and more spacious.

Talos M50 Automatic Bollard

The Talos M50 automatic rising bollards are designed and crash tested to meet both BSI PAS 68 and IWA 14-1 standards. The bollards offer a high security solution, in place to prevent vehicles from illegally driving through the town centre. The system also allows the bus service provider to provide an improved service for residents and visitors to the town, with smoother and quicker travel.

The bollard system is controlled using our bespoke PLC based control and monitoring system, which integrates with the ANPR system to identify and authorise access to white-listed vehicles. The bollard system can also be controlled using voice intercoms and proximity fobs.

Please take the time to read more about our PAS 68 security bollards and remote bollard monitoring systems, and see how they could improve security and vehicle access. For more information, or to discuss your requirement for any upcoming projects, please call us on 0161 320 6462, and we would be happy to assist.


Macs TALOS PAS 68 Security Bollards

Scope of services

Products: Macs TALOS PAS 68 Security Bollards

Location: Watford Town Centre

Application: Traffic Control / Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Standard: PAS 68 / IWA 14

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