Hertfordshire Bus Gate Automatic Bollards

Hertfordshire County Council introduced a Bus Only Gate to Hertford Road to improve the bus network and road efficiency in this area of Stevenage. Residents had voiced concerns over speeding vehicles and rat-running, with cars using the road as a cut-through, increasing the likelihood of road traffic accidents and air pollution. This stretch of road is now protected with MACs 275/P800 Automatic Bollards allowing only passenger-carrying vehicles access.


Macs 275/P800 Automatic Bollard. 275mm Diameter x 800mm High.
Stainless Steel Finish
LED Strip Red
Cylinder wall: 6mm
Rising Speed: 17cm/s
Lowering Speed: 32cm/s
Impact Resistance: 40,000 J Certified
Breakout Resistance: 250,000 J
Life Units: 3,000,000 Cycles
Safety Pressure Switch
Automatic Lowering Solenoid Valve
Integrated Hydraulic Pump

Access Control

Videalert delivers a fully automated solution for the accurate and reliable control of rising bollards to protect locations against the entry of unauthorised vehicles. Permitted vehicle number plates are managed via a whitelist. When a vehicle approaches the bollard control area, the number plate is captured using ANPR and checked against the whitelist. Once matched, Videalert communicates with the bollard control system in real-time, and the bollards are activated to drop down, allowing the vehicle through. The bollards automatically rise again when the vehicle is clear.
Remote Fault Monitoring and Control
Macs Automated Bollard Systems engineers remotely monitor Hertford Road. Any faults are recorded then sent via text message or email to MACs engineers and UTC staff.

Fault Monitoring

All system components are monitored for faults, and if a fault does occur, an alarm is generated and forwarded to MACs monitoring engineers and Council staff. This enables MACs engineers to attend site with a clear understanding of the fault and necessary spare parts if required, thus reducing site and bollard downtime considerably.

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