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Selecting the right size bollards is crucial for ensuring proper perimeter protection. The correct bollard size depends on the needs of the site and the potential risk to pedestrians and structures. You’ll need to consider any relevant safety guidelines and choose bollards that offer a balance of functionality, safety and aesthetics.

At Macs Bollards, we supply fixed, removable, automatic and semi-automatic bollards in a range of sizes. In this article, we will discuss the factors influencing bollard size requirements, including height and diameter considerations. From standard dimensions to customised options, we will explore every aspect of bollard sizing to help you make an informed decision.

How Tall Should Bollards Be?

Bollards do not need to be tall in order to stop traffic and provide protection against vehicular attacks. However, they should be tall enough to act as a visual deterrent as well as a physical barrier. If drivers do not have a clear view, this could increase the chances of a collision. Ultimately, this may result in unnecessary damage to both the vehicle and the bollard itself.

The right height for a bollard can vary depending on the specific application and location. Generally, security bollards (including concrete bollards and steel bollards) range from 500mm to 1200mm in height. This ensures that bollards remain visible and provide protection while not appearing obtrusive or causing an eyesore.

Bollard Height Considerations

There are no UK laws that dictate an acceptable bollard height. However, bollards should be tall enough to be easily seen by motorists. This includes in low lighting, poor weather conditions, and during busy periods where they may be obscured by crowds.

Bollards installed in locations with heavy traffic, or larger vehicles such as lorries and buses, may need to be taller to provide adequate protection. The surrounding landscape and infrastructure should also be considered. Taller bollards may be necessary in areas with dense vegetation or hilly terrain.

Installing reflective strips or integrated lighting can enhance visibility and ensure the bollard’s effectiveness. You can also choose bollards painted in a bright colour or finish, such as yellow.

How Wide Should Bollards Be?

Bollard diameters can also vary based on the desired level of impact resistance and aesthetics. The standard bollard size is around 100mm to 300mm in width, with steel bollard sizes often falling within this range.

The larger the diameter, the more robust and impact-resistant the bollard will be. However, wider bollards require more space to install. It’s important to ensure that your bollard spacing is sufficient to allow access to pedestrians and wheelchair users.

Bollard Diameter Considerations

When determining the appropriate width for a bollard, consider the level of protection needed for your specific application. High-risk areas prone to terrorism may necessitate a wider circumference for increased strength and protection.

Bollard diameter should also take into account available space and pedestrian accessibility. Thinner bollards may be more appropriate in areas with limited space or where pedestrian movement needs to be maintained.

Finally, the appearance of the bollards should complement their surroundings. A smaller diameter may be less visually obtrusive in public spaces. A larger diameter may be more suitable for industrial settings where robustness is a priority.

Assessing Your Specific Bollard Size Requirements

To determine the appropriate bollard size for your needs, it is essential to conduct a thorough site assessment. You will need to consider various factors, such as:

  • The size and layout of the site and surrounding environment
  • Any potential obstacles or hazards, and the existing infrastructure
  • The types of vehicles and heaviness of traffic that will frequent the area
  • Access to pedestrians (including wheelchair and mobility scooter users) and/or cyclists
  • The level of protection required (traffic calming or hostile vehicle mitigation)

Consulting with bollard experts, such as Macs Bollards, will help ensure that you select the most suitable bollards for your project.

Our experts will work with you to determine the best type of security bollards for your needs, from fixed bollards to automatic bollard systems. We will then recommend the ideal bollard height and diameter to provide a balance of function and aesthetic appeal.

Why Choose Macs Bollards?

If you are looking for robust, high-quality security bollards for commercial, residential or public use, Macs Bollards can help. We supply fixed, removable, semi-automatic and automatic bollards in a wide range of sizes, styles and finishes.

Our helpful team will be happy to discuss your next project and find the ideal bollard solution for your needs. We are proud to provide fast turnaround times and competitive prices. Our qualified engineers are on hand at all times to provide ongoing servicing and repairs.

To speak to our experts, contact Macs Bollards today. Fill in our enquiry form, email enquiries@macs-bollards.com or call us on 0161 320 6463.

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