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Finding a stranger’s car parked in your driveway can be incredibly frustrating. It prevents you from getting your own car in or out and is an inconsiderate invasion of your private property. But before you resort to leaving strongly worded notes or towing the car immediately, here’s a breakdown of your options and some helpful tips for resolving the situation.

Taking the High Road

Your first step should be identifying the vehicle’s owner. If they’re nearby, you can politely request that they move their car. Avoid confrontation and explain that you need access to your parking space. Most reasonable people will apologise and move when they realise their mistake.

However, if the driveway parking persists or you can’t locate the owner, you do have some options beyond waiting it out. Depending on your local laws, you can take action such as:

  • Reporting it to the police as an obstruction
  • Contacting your local council about illegal parking 
  • Applying for a dropped kerb or white line markings 
  • Installing cones or temporary barriers

The downside is that these measures are reactive and don’t provide a permanent driveway parking solution. If unauthorised parking is an ongoing nuisance on your property, you must take more proactive steps.

Physical Parking Solutions Installation

The most effective way to stop people from blocking your driveway is by physically restricting access. Security bollards, gates and barriers create strong deterrents (permanent or temporary) to unauthorised vehicle entry and driveway parking. Consider these popular driveway parking solutions:

Fixed Bollards 

Fixed bollards are permanent, strong and durable steel or concrete security posts that prevent vehicle entry. You can choose from various styles, including decorative designs, to ensure the bollards fit in aesthetically.

Removable Bollards 

Removable bollards allow vehicles temporary access when they’re taken out of their sockets, but they provide sturdy security when in place. However, the manual effort to move and replace the bollards can become strenuous. 

Automatic Bollards 

Automatic bollards are an intelligent and convenient option that allows you to raise or lower the bollards through a remote control. This automatic function eliminates manual operation and can even be integrated with other security tech like code pads and intercom systems.

Bollard Covers 

These customisable covers slot over fixed bollards to enhance aesthetics. Available in plastic, rubber and even stainless steel, bollard covers can enhance nighttime visibility via reflectors, shield your bollard from harsh weather or conceal any bollard blemishes.

Drop-Arm Barriers 

Drop-arm barrier systems are versatile traffic control options that can integrate with ANPR systems, card readers and intercoms.

Whether a simple visual deterrent or heavy-duty vehicle access restriction suits your needs, our friendly team can recommend the ideal driveway parking control system for your needs.

Choosing the Best Access Solution for Your Property

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for driveway parking issues. The right system depends on your property’s layout, security requirements and budget.

For example, an automated rising bollard may best suit an urban driveway where random street parking is a nuisance. For rural entrances, decorative bollards or wooden posts could provide a natural deterrent in keeping with the landscape.

Have Your Parking Deterrents Professionally Installed 

Ensuring your chosen driveway security system functions flawlessly for years to come hinges on proper installation. Here’s what to consider:

  • Expert installation – Opt for a professional service with a proven track record. They possess the necessary expertise to securely anchor your bollards or barriers into the ground, guaranteeing long-term performance.
  • Experience matters – Look for a company with experience in different environments, from private residences to commercial car parks. This ensures they have the knowledge to tackle any potential challenges specific to your project.
  • Flawless execution – Reputable installers prioritise meticulous installation practices, ensuring your access system functions flawlessly for years to come. This includes careful groundwork for automatic rising bollards, secure wiring for electronic systems and seamless integration of any additional technology you choose.
  • Professional finish – Expect a clean and professional final product that complements your driveway’s aesthetics.

Preventing Driveway Parking With Macs Bollards

Forget the frustration of finding a stranger’s car blocking your driveway. If taking the high road doesn’t work, there are proactive alternatives, including installing bollards and barrier systems.

Along with driveway security, Macs Bollards also specialises in commercial, industrial and public realm applications requiring comprehensive access control and protection from vehicle threats. 

Our range includes static, removable, folding and automatic bollard options and barrier systems. Contact us today by calling 0161 320 6463 or emailing enquiries@macs-bollards.com to learn more about our driveway parking solutions.

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