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Manual removable bollards play an essential role in maintaining safety and security in various settings, from private driveways to public spaces.

Among the variety of security bollards available on the market, manual telescopic bollards offer a unique blend of protection, affordability and flexibility. These versatile vehicle barriers can be raised and lowered into the ground, allowing vehicular access whenever required.

In this guide, we will delve deeper into what manual telescopic bollards are and explore their various types. We will also discuss where these bollards are commonly used and the many advantages they offer in different settings.

What Is a Manual Telescopic Bollard?

A manual telescopic bollard is a type of vehicle security barrier featuring a telescopic design, meaning that they can retract into the ground when not in use. They are sometimes called manual rising or manual retractable bollards.

Manual telescopic bollards are typically made of sturdy, durable materials such as concrete and stainless steel. Telescopic bollards provide a robust physical barrier that, when raised, prevents cars and other vehicles from entering the area. In their retracted or ‘down’ state, they lie flush with the ground, allowing vehicles to pass over them without obstruction.

Unlike automatic bollards, manual rising bollards must be operated by hand. A key is used to lock the bollard in a raised or lowered position, preventing unauthorised individuals from tampering with it.

What Are the Different Types of Manual Telescopic Bollards?

There are many different makes and models of manual telescopic bollards, each suited to different settings and applications. For example:

  • Manual telescopic parking bollards: a popular choice in residential and commercial settings for traffic-calming and reserving parking spaces.
  • Anti-ram telescopic bollards: a robust security solution built to HVM (hostile vehicle mitigation) specifications, designed to withstand significant force and prevent vehicle-borne attacks.
  • Semi-automatic bollards or lift-assisted telescopic bollards incorporate a gas spring mechanism which makes them easier to raise, reducing the risk of back and shoulder strain while lifting.

Manual retractable bollards are available in a range of materials, sizes, weights, colours and finishes and with various operating and locking mechanisms. It’s important to talk to a bollard expert, such as Macs Bollards, who can advise you on the most suitable model for your needs.

Where Are Manual Telescopic Bollards Commonly Used?

Manual telescopic bollards have many potential applications in a range of settings where occasional vehicle access is required. For example, they are commonly used as commercial security bollards, prevalent in retail parks, industrial areas and business premises. They aid in managing traffic flow, designating parking spaces and protecting both buildings and pedestrians from collisions.

In residential settings, manual telescopic driveway bollards provide homeowners with a practical means of deterring parking opportunists and car thieves. When not in use, they retract into the ground, ensuring the aesthetic appeal of the environment remains unspoiled.

Manual rising bollards are also a common sight in city centre pedestrian zones. They are used to restrict vehicles while allowing access when required (e.g. for store deliveries and emergency services).

Crash-rated HVM stainless steel automatic bollards can also be used to add additional security outside event venues, government buildings and other high-risk areas.

What Are the Benefits of Manual Telescopic Security Bollards?

Manual telescopic bollards are versatile and effective vehicle security barriers that boast many notable benefits for residential, public and commercial use. For example:

  • Flexible access control: Unlike fixed bollards, telescopic bollards can be raised and lowered as needed, allowing authorised vehicles to pass through when necessary.
  • Low maintenance: Due to their sturdy construction and simple manual operation, these bollards require minimal maintenance, providing a reliable long-term security solution.
  • No electricity required: Manual telescopic bollards do not need to be wired in, making them ideal for locations with no power supply.
  • Cost-effective: Manual bollards are typically cheaper than automatic ones, both in terms of initial investment and ongoing operational and maintenance costs.

The only real disadvantage of having manual telescopic bollards fitted is that they cannot be operated remotely. As a result, they may cause some inconvenience if authorised vehicles need to access the area multiple times a day. If this is the case, automatic rising bollards may provide a more practical solution.

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