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As community hubs welcoming all, libraries require security balancing easy public access with safety. With uncontrolled exterior spaces, subtle bollard solutions allowing managed access are key.

MACs Bollards provides rigorously tested HVM bollard systems engineered to stop hostile vehicle threats up to 7.5 tonnes. Our decades equipping libraries and public spaces in the UK has given us unique insight into their specialised access and security needs.

Why Use Bollards to Protect Libraries & Public Spaces?

The presence of bollards in public spaces like libraries is an important consideration for safety and security. Bollards offer a subtle solution to the need for controlled access to these community hubs without compromising their inviting nature. 

MACs Bollards offers HVM bollard systems that can protect from hostile vehicle threats up to 7.5 tonnes, allowing libraries to provide safe and accessible places of learning, creativity, and exploration for everyone who visits them.

Perimeter Access Control With Bollards

The installation of bollards along library boundaries, fences, and adjoining roads is crucial for controlling unauthorised vehicle access. This measure effectively safeguards the site without resorting to overt barricades.

Patrons can easily access the premises through designated doors and checkpoints. The strategic placement of bollards signifies a strong security presence while ensuring open access.

Queue Line Barriers For Patron Safety

Strategically positioned bollards serve as crucial queue line barriers near primary entrances during peak visitor traffic. These discreet shields ensure orderly access, instilling a sense of reassurance in waiting patrons.

Securing Loading Docks and Service Areas

Strategically placed bollards effectively safeguard loading bays, maintenance zones, and other restricted areas, ensuring unauthorised access is prevented. However, with retractable bollards, approved deliveries and contractors can be accommodated with ease and confidence.

Separating Vehicles and Pedestrians

Bollards effectively separate parking zones, delivery areas, and roadways from heavily trafficked pedestrian plazas, concourses and walkways. This protects patrons while allowing approved vehicles to access certain areas when required.

Careful placement guides traffic, defines drop-off/pick up zones, and shields building access points. This prevents risky interactions and keeps crowds more secure.

Library Bollard Designs

Library bollards are available in a wide range of carefully selected materials and colours that harmonise with the existing architecture. Meticulous consideration is given to their strategic placement, ensuring they do not obstruct key sightlines or compromise the overall ambiance. 

The ultimate goal is to seamlessly integrate these bollards, enhancing the aesthetic appeal while blending harmoniously with the unique characteristics and charm of the library’s surroundings.

Rigorously Tested Bollards Withstand Extreme Threats

To mitigate vehicular threats, MACs Bollards offers a range of meticulously tested and certified HVM bollard models capable of withstanding high-speed impacts up to 7.5 tonnes. These formidable barriers provide robust protection while seamlessly blending into library settings with their subtle aesthetics.

Strategic Placement For Comprehensive Protection

Careful bollard placement provides full security coverage across sites. We recommend first installing along outer perimeters, queue lines, and parking areas to establish boundaries.

Then incorporate retractable bollards around loading bays and service areas. Inside, safely separate traffic from pedestrians using barriers flanking roads through grounds.

When thoughtfully laid out, bollards deliver extensive protection throughout exterior and interior library zones.

Integrate Bollards into Your Wider Security

For optimal results, new bollard systems should operate seamlessly alongside current security like CCTV, access control and personnel. Coordinate placement to align with cameras, traffic patterns and access protocols.

Use clear signage and lighting for visibility. Maintain vehicle access protocols. Incorporate bollard operation into emergency plans.

With integrated protocols, bollards smoothly enhance protection across libraries.

Proper Maintenance for Library Bollards

While quality installation is key, ongoing maintenance is vital for long-term optimization. Regularly check bollards for damage and address rapidly. Ensure retractable models function properly. Replace damaged bollards promptly to maintain coverage.

As risks evolve or layouts change, reevaluate bollard placement and adapt coverage as warranted. Proper bollard management keeps libraries securely accessible.

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