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For most busy towns and city centres, an increase in traffic flow is a challenge that urban planners and designers must address. Because unfortunately, in many cases, traditional methods of traffic management are no longer enough. Automatic rising bollards are one way that modern planners are meeting this challenge head-on.

Town traffic management basics

As long as there have been roads, there has been some form of traffic management. And, while these methods (mainly signs) were once simple and informal devices, as the amount of traffic increased, and congestion started to become an issue, our towns and cities responded with more sophisticated and formal tools.

Today, signs, signals and pavement markings are systematically used to communicate with drivers and indicate the various traffic laws and regulations. In addition, automatic traffic management devices are also used to advise of potential hazards and deliver other relevant and timely information to drivers. And, in-built forms of traffic control such as curbs, road bumps, sleepers, bollards and barriers can be used to mitigate accidents and keep vehicles flowing.

Ultimately, good traffic management should keep people and places safe, while ensuring that traffic remains orderly and doesn’t cause a disruption. And, of course, it should also enable people to get to their destinations as fast as possible. Because nobody likes sitting in a queue of cars that stretches on for miles.

Automatic rising bollards and town traffic management

Automatic rising bollards can be used to calm and manipulate traffic. For example, to control access to pedestrianised streets, parks and other areas – while still giving delivery/maintenance vans access when required. And, because automatic rising bollards are fully retractable, they don’t present an obstruction or trip-hazard when not in use. This can be a huge benefit in areas with pedestrian access. So, they provide a safe and accessible solution.

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Automatic rising bollards for town traffic management in action


At MACs, we successfully completed the installation of a new automatic telescopic bollard system in Truro, Cornwall. Designed to control traffic flow through a town centre bus gate, this solution combined automated rising bollards with a vehicle transponder-reader system, allowing access through the area to authorised vehicles only.

Designed and built for use in traffic management applications, the bollards also incorporated touchscreen and PLC-based remote bollard control and monitoring, allowing for remote access and control of the bollard system 24 hours a day.


In another part of the UK, as far back as 2009, we supplied and installed a bollard system to help eliminate traffic within a busy Bradford city centre area. Our brief was to help make an attractive and secure pedestrianised space for shoppers and visitors. As part of the original installation, we provided a bollard security solution which implemented the required vehicle restriction, while also permitting access for deliveries and emergency crew. The security bollards were installed in strategic locations within the city centre, designed to operate 24/7, and link to the local CCTV control room.

More recently, MACs installed several replacement automatic rising bollard systems within Bradford city centre. The replacement bollards were requested after more than a decade of successful operation of our original rising bollards.

Why choose MACs automatic rising bollards?

With projects around the UK, including the supply of automatic rising bollards for traffic management, residential and commercial premises, urban regeneration projects and hostile vehicle mitigation schemes, we have a system to suit your needs. Whatever they may be. And, we have one of the quickest turnaround times in the industry thanks to our pre-installation assessment.

When it comes to automatic rising bollards, each and every product is tested thoroughly before leaving our warehouse to ensure optimal operation. And, once delivered, our trained and experienced engineers will install your new automatic rising bollards quickly and professionally.

For a free quote, or to ask us a question about our automatic rising bollards, call our service team on 0161 320 6462 or email us by completing our contact form.

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