HVM Bollards

Our HVM bollards help protect buildings and publicly accessible spaces against criminal damage and large-scale acts of terrorism.

We live in a time where the threat of hostile vehicle mitigation is a daily concern, which is why whether you need to protect high-risk properties and spaces, like:

  • Banks & Bullion storage facilities
  • Airports
  • Museums & Art Galleries
  • Highways & Bus Lanes
  • Pedestrian-only zones

At Mac Bollards, we’ve got a range of rising and static HVM bollard systems, tested to PAS 68 and IWA-14 standards.

Crucially, all our hostile vehicle mitigation bollards help to save lives and secure buildings and public areas - from small-scale vandalism to high-level criminal damage.

What’s more, before we deliver and install your HVM bollards, we can visit site for an initial assessment to help establish and highlight vulnerabilities in your security. So, we can supply you with a bollard system that’s not only efficient but cost-effective too.

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Why choose HVM bollards?

Hostile vehicle mitigation bollards are designed to protect against an impact from a 7.5-tonne vehicle, and regulate how traffic and pedestrians access an area. With automatic or fixed options available, they’re custom built to the individual needs of your project, provide a high level of security around perimeters and boundaries and do so without disrupting other businesses, residents or the functionality of public spaces or highways. We’ll even colour match your HVM barriers to complement your surroundings.

And for complete peace of mind, you receive our on-going aftercare service to make sure your HVM bollards stay in peak working condition.

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Why choose Macs HVM bollards?

Our team of expert advisers and fully qualified engineers deliver outstanding levels of customer service and technical excellence. And, as we’ve a wealth of experience with hostile vehicle mitigation bollards, we know how essential it is to protect the places and people important to you.

Your security needs are unique, which is why we work with the leading manufacturers in the industry to design and provide the most reliable automatic and fixed HVM bollard and barrier solutions money can buy. Furthermore, every bollard is meticulously tested before leaving our warehouse to ensure first-class operation.

And, as we’re one of the UK’s leading HVM bollard systems suppliers, we never rest on our laurels. Instead, we’re working non-stop on innovative products that’ll complement our HVM range even further.

Our range of HVM Bollards

PAS 68 Crash Rated Security Bollard

MACS 275/900 PAS 68

K4 275 700 Automatic Bollard

MACS K4 275/700

MACS K12 271 900

MACS K12 275/900

Macs M30 275 HVM Bollards

MACS M30 275/1200

MACS M50 275 1200

MACS M50 275/1200

Sliding Bollards Matador

Matador Sliding Bollard HT2

What customers say about us

Very pleased with the work & professionalism from MACS Bollards. The system has exceeded our needs, & turned a busy unmanaged parking areas, into a place of tranquillity. Chester Cathedral was keen to limit any impact to the area. With the compact nature of the system, site excavation was limited, this was a major factor for choosing the system. Our system has never had any reliability issues, the bollard was hit during a Saturday evening & MACS engineers were on site in no time to remove and repair the bollard.


Having worked with Macs Automated Bollards Systems for a number years, I find them very professional in their approach to the supply and installation of rising bollards. From initial advice to installation, nothing is to much for them, the attitude they bring is "there isn't a problem we can't solve for you.


Here at Fairfield BMW we were looking for a cost effective security solution for our BMW & Mini dealership forecourts. Macs Bollards provided that solution, from planning to installation the whole process was handled quickly and efficiently with little or no disruption to trading. I would like to comment on the availability of repair engineers but we have had no need to call on them which must be a testament to the quality of equipment used.


Keeping your world safe

At Macs Automated Bollard Systems, protecting what’s important to you is our top priority, which is why all of our hostile vehicle mitigation bollards are accredited to the highest industry standards of service and craftsmanship and meet full health and safety guidelines.

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